The Qenya Alphabet (by J.R.R.Tolkien)

Well, that image you see above is not a common image. It was done, written in ink by the very hand that once told us about a certain hobbit that lived in a hole in the ground.

Actually this image dates before we met that particular hobbit and the relevance and importance of that image is way beyond one could imagine at first glimpse.

What you see here is the 11th document contained in and cover of the Parma Eldalamberon XX, one of the most renowned linguistic journals containing unpublished (yes, UNPUBLISHED) material and documents from Tolkien himself related to his languages and their development.

Do I need to say more how outstanding that image is, and surely the Parma Eldalamberon too? Let me show you in case words don’t tell exactly what I mean:

This is the fruit of your donations! Through them, Quenya101 has this material available. I’ll study it deeply (what a pleasure that will bring me…I already foresee) AND, I’ll share all the knowledge provided by this Tolkien documents with the….

Quenya101 1st class students!

It has come the time to start out exclusive classes! But that’s not all! One may wonder that the analysis of Tolkien’s 1930s documents is way too “advanced”. Perhaps Quenya101 students would fare better with some basic material in order to learn Quenya. OH, they will! We’re gonna have two sets of material in our class! Basic and advanced.  Everyone will enjoy the class in one’s own level!

By the way, Ondo is the main developer of this idea (I can’t forget to mention Erutulco too who gave an insightful feedback about the Elvish School Project) and we’re gonna work together to provide the basic material with clear cut explanations of Quenya grammar, examples, mini dialogues and exercises! After all, practice makes perfection!

If you are a die-hard Tolkien fan, you MUST buy this precious set of documents. Check here!


All students enrolled in 1st Class will receive an email with further instructions, passwords and more details! If you’re not already enrolled, you can still do it! Of course, as the other students helped, it’s only fair that one contributes with one’s share. In essence, you help me to help you!

PS:  The email with the details and further info has already been sent to the recipients. Check the email you used as your Paypal address. It’s there!

Click below and be part of the 1st Elvish Class:

1st Class is ON!


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