A Game of Thrones “Elvish” Houses

In a decade when books are designed to be all colorful, divided in who-knows-how-many trilogies, series, sagas, ready to be a tween hit, and surely aiming for a spot in Hollywood; there came along a bearded man, fat and chubby with his Arthurian epic, a new legendary tale for the warming of our Tolkienian hearts. I, as always, did not trust the frenzy around Game of Thrones brought and popularized by HBO series; however my mind was swiftly turned and changed by what I read. Ondo introduced me this tale and here I am, months later, almost finishing book 2 , Blu-Ray bought…yeah…that guy named George R.R. Martin really writes literature, not 21st century disposable teen stories! I’m very thankful he doesn’t live in this decade!

But this is a post for the eyes! Presenting now, a little something for the fans, mixing and entwining things as we usually do here and here AND here too, A Game of Thrones Houses in Quenya:

I must thank liquidsouldesign Flickr for the inspiration and the designs behind the images shown here. The credit for the art is all his (or hers). I just translated and adapted to Quenya as you can see here.


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