Una pequeña pausa

This is a public announcement:

From October, 10th to October, 24th,2012, FAST LINE will not  work with its 101-hour time limit schedule.  During that period, I’ll be visiting my most beloved people of southern waters and I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer back requests as quickly as I wish. For that reason, if you wanna use FAST LINE, bear in mind that the 101 hours clock will tick just after 10/24/12. All posts in Quenya101 will continue normally and the comments left here will be answered as well, as fast as possible.

This is for Erutulco and Ondo, my good Quenya Masters:

I travel 10/10 and will spend 4 days in Buenos Aires where I’m gonna meet my girl (Rio was totally cancelled this year) and in 10/15 we’ll visit Montevideo too. In 10/17, we’re gonna be back to her place and I’ll spend some time in São Paulo (as usual). In 10/23, I’m taking the Eagle back to Eldanórë, Valinor. So, do you wanna see by yourselves how  is ffff awesome? This is the time!!!! 😀


Have you all prepared your Hobbit premiere costumes?

I’m sure you wanna be ridiculously cool to watch The Hobbit, so grab yours while you can! Halloween is there and the time is ripe for it!



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2 responses to “Una pequeña pausa

  1. Totally looking forward to your coming!!! It would be awesome if the 3 of us could gather also. But its gonna be difficult, since I won’t be able to travel to Sao Paulo.

    Anyway, see you soon!

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