The Tree is coming…

The tradition is kept! White Tree Awards is coming, but this year there is something new! A whole category chosen by you! You choose the criteria and you vote as you will! It’s People’s Choice Awards.  Here are the nominees:

A Varda, Elentári


Je suis revenu, volví, ich bin zurück, voltei….I’m back! And pretty glad to be so! Did you miss me? Well…I DID miss you! You know, it was a bit tough to…

Elvish Calendar now easier than ever!


OK, let’s get the facts straight: you came to Quenya101 Language Institute to learn more about Elvish culture. You saw a link up there labeled…

Tengwar Kanji


I love Japanese culture. Everything from Japan amazes me! Their discipline, their technology, their good manners, traditions, history. Recently, I…

Rhapsody Of Fire – Il Canto Del Vento (Full Quenya Version)


Rhapsody of Fire…. One of the greatest power metal bands, with great sagas within their lyrics and, by far, one of my favorite bands…

ONE family tree!


Everybody knows that Tolkien was interested in family trees. It’s everywhere in his books! Silmarillion got it, Lord of the Rings got it and actually it’d…

“Happy Birthday” song in Quenya


Now I bring you something that may be useful the next time a Tolkiendili friend of yours (we all have one!) celebrates his birthday. This I…

I Lindë Helcë ar Nárëo (Asta II)


Before going to the real post, I got something to share with you guys. I finished A Dance with Dragons and I am shocked. I cried. I wanted to…



There are so many posts that could be in the list above. Funny, with useful information, educational, full of creativity…etc! Choose ANY you want!



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