White Tree Awards II


This is the 200th post of Quenya101 Language Institute. Since our humble beginning here much has changed! Pages were created, sections were born, new things popped up, Quenya Masters were admitted as permanent staff of our institute.

Now, we come to the 2nd edition of the White Tree Awards to celebrate and recognize the best posts since 11/30/11 until 10/19/12. You know, it’s like the Oscars…but cooler 😀 😀 ….everything tastes cooler when Tolkien and Quenya is involved!

And the White Tree goes to…

Most Engaging

Surely, the most engaging one with the open invitation to every single one to become a Quenya Master and play an active role as part of Quenya101 staff.

Most Philological

Quendi & Eldar series (including its Sindarin and Telerin posts as well) treated with details of elvish culture and the words used to describe themselves as race.

Most Polemic

After this amazingly interesting article you may question yourself about their ears…but they still keep looking good! Pointed or not….elves rule!

Most Spread

With one single retweet from a girl on a Sunday afternoon, this post blew up all records of visit at that time! Remarkable ink with a remarkable story here too!

Most Watched

Music to the eyes! We all have our different passions in music, but epics are epics and the video at the bottom of this post cannot deny its nature.

Most Jaw-dropping

The post is not a big deal but behind it, it’s huge! Documents unpublished written by Tolkien himself related to the creation of the Tengwar alphabet! H-U-G-E!

And now the major prizes!!!

Best Rated

Tengwar Kanji

Mixing Tengwar alphabet with Kanji concept…..why not? Creativity = +10.

Best Funny

Silly Marillion

The ultra famous documentary of the creation of Eä a.k.a. Eä.

Best Translation

Annie Lennox – Into the West (full Quenya version)

Finally, an accurate translation of this classic of LotR!

Best Attraction

Ingolë Levië Quenyanna

Why don’t we spice up the world of Physics with a little pinch?

Best Commented

The Ultimate Elvish Tattoo Collection

101 ways of NOT screwing up with your skin.

Best People’s Choice

Elvish Calendar now easier than ever!

Counting days with 1 click! It’s a hell of a tool & people have chosen it!

Well, well…

this is it. White Tree Awards 2 ends but before the final curtain closes, I’ll give you an extra pass for the after party! 😀 Check the personal highlights of Quenya101 staff:

Erunno says: “I’d like to congratulate Ondo & Erutulco for the amazing ideas, posts, contributions to develop and enhance the quality of Quenya101. This place would lack many thing without you two! When voting for the Best Ones here, I was sure injustices would be made but we gotta choose and here are my personal choices. They are all about originality and execution. Newton and Calendar really deserve the prize!”

Ondo says: “I simply loved Erutulco’s Into the West translation. And the Calendar! It’s a tie between both. As we have to choose only one…The Calendar. Why? It’s totally original, different from everything we’ve seen before! I’m also tied between Elvish Heraldry and Quendi & Eldar. Damn, let’s go with Heraldry as it’s something I love. Damn, this is hard!”

Erutulco says: “Very tough! But here’s my decision: Huge tie between Ondo’s I Lindë Helcë ar Nárëo (Asta II) & (Isaac Newton + Physics)² X Quenya = !!!. I’d like to vote both, but since we can only one, mine goes to Newton’s laws. Mostly because of the creativity of such a task, with the Sarati and being so perfectly done. The ones I love most from Erunno are Quendi & Eldar and Tengwar Kanji. I choose the latter for its originality.”


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