A time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

He shot it!

Scott Wall

With great honor I, Erunno Alcarinollo, come before ye all, to commend my military man, Scott Wall due to his laudable deed, full of beauty and deep meaning. Like the old knights of Rohan and Gondor, he fights for our realm, to protect us and deliver us from the enemy. NOW, he does it with style:

Lúmë melien ar lúmë tevien, lúmë ohtan ar lúmë rainen.

Time. For everything there is an appointed time, even time for every affair under the heavens. And the time came for him to be included in our Hall of Fame! From now on, he shall be called The One With The Time, the 6th agent of our special forces. (The OneThe One In Female FormThe One With The LightThe One With The Force & The One With The Birdies)

Noteworthy to say is that he fights in another galaxies as well! He’s a multi-battle soldier! Way to go, dude!

 And below, a complete peak at his art:

In 47 Yávië 140, The One With The Time had his sentence translated into Quenya at the How do we say (…) in Quenya? section. He used FAST LINE (because you know…time is precious) and now we all have the pleasure to see the result on his skin!

Congratulations, Warrior! Mission accomplished!



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