Do I want useful elvish sentences? SURE!


and there is a big but in it, *clear throats* which elvish is that, beg your pardon?

Now tell me the truth, be honest with me: Wouldn’t life be much easier if there was a thing we could use to search and find quickly everything we want to know about a topic? You know…something that would look for results and…BANG! there they are in a blink of an eye. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

NOT THAT GREAT! Google does that with our lives right now and it doesn’t make it an easier life. Now we have an issue to find accurate info.

The site shown above is one example. If you type “elvish sentences” in Google (go ahead, give it a shot) you will find that result among the top 3! UNFORTUNATELY, that site does not teach any elvish language that was created by Tolkien and people really are looking for that when they innocently type “elvish language” in Google. I have met hundreds of them greeting me with something like: ‘Quel re (good morning) or saying something like Namaarie (= farewell) and they really think that’s Quenya or “Elvish”.

Shall we analyze just the first 8 lines so we can understand what this site is about? Are you ready for this ultra revelation? Here it comes:

As you can see, (if you have trusted this kind of source to learn Quenya or Sindarin) you’re bound to speak gibberish with this site. It teaches Tel’Quessir! If only people read that above! (or if only the creators of the site wouldn’t write that so tiny in order to hide the real non-Tolkien essence of the site!)

What is Tel’Quessir? Shall we use our friend Google once more? Tel’Quessir is a language developed for RPG loosely based in some vocabulary of elvish languages created by Tolkien. If you wanna play Forgotten Realms RPG, that IS the site to learn this language and play it like a boss! BUT….(I told you there was always a butt) if you are a Tolkien fan searching for true elvish languages harmoniously created with a rich cultural background…sorry, but you just found a lame source that Google offered you.

If only people knew what they are tolkien about…




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8 responses to “Do I want useful elvish sentences? SURE!

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  3. “Vedui” is extracted from “Ai na vedui, Dúnadan!” I guess. (=
    Never heard about this “Tel’Quessir” and that it is used for RPG on Forgotten Realms… but that is really annoying when someone uses Tolkien’s languages as a base for ‘creating’ something else…like that.

    • Oh yeah….I guess you’re right!

      When you say “creating”, you’re really being mild, smooth and delicate! They are copying something (poorly) and mixing everything up like they fancy.

      That already sucks, but it sucks even more the NO VISIBLE explanation for the beginners who are lead to think that’s Tolkien’s.

    • All content is Tolkien’s (at least) differently than the site cited in this post.

      Arwen Undomiel link deals mostly with Sindarin sentences. I cannot tell for their accuracy as I’m not a Sindarin Master, just a student.

      I checked the few Quenya sentences there and could spot some mistakes here and there. Not gross stuff, but mistakes, you know…

      • Cillendor

        Arwen Undomiel used to be pretty bad, but they asked Fiona Jallings from to fix up their language and names sections, so they’re a good site to reference now.

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