A Maia called….SpongeBob SquarePants

Ok, here is the thing: I’m drunk. You can see that by the title of this post (I guess). Today is Beerday and I’m really celebrating it the way it should be. As a matter of fact, while celebrating Beerday everybody knows one must sing aloud incoherently any stupid song that one has in mind when being drunk, because it is funny and because…yeah, because!

So, to make things shorter as they are already too long, here comes SpongeBob SquarePants (but you know…in QUENYA! because that’s what we do here….things in Quenya)

Ma nalyë manwa, híni?

Ná, ná, hesto!

Umin polë hlarital


A man marë yávessë nu i ëar

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Ve hwan ar malina ar yo ecca naryë

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Qui úsanalë ëarello ná i nat meril

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Sië á tulë ciryanna ar á lilta ve lingwë

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Manwa? HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

PS: SpongeBob SquarePants is not a Maia who lives under the sea and I foresee a huge hangover tomorrow.


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