Elvish apps for our sore eyes

If you have been here with me for a while, you know how hard is to find a good nice decent source about Tolkien deep lore. It’s so cool when you find something worthy, like the last post about Khuzdûl; that definitely those kind of material deserve our attention, praise and mouth-to-mouth spread. Few weeks ago, I was contacted by a guy called G. Hussain Chinoy who donated to Quenya101 cause and also developed very good apps (not like this one) for Android.

Unfortunately, I’m an old elvish guy who resist to all kind of technologies in some way and haven’t got a Smart Phone yet, so I couldn’t test the apps, but when it comes to the audio of the Tengwar Alphabet App, well, it’s 101% approved! It’s ME speaking!! 😀 😀 😀



If you have an Android, those are MUST HAVE apps for Tolkien fans and all those interested in learning Tengwar alphabet or perhaps transcribring something into Sindarin, English, Black Speech or Quenya Mode. Next time you’re on a subway, heading to work or school and suddenly that elvish itch takes you by storm and you desperately need to quench your thirst, do it with this Gatorade. Why bother trying to log in to the internet, searching with Google, loading pages AND THEN…after all that, getting a crappy site with shitty info? This won’t happen with Chinoy’s apps!

Also, don’t forget to contribute to his project if you can! People like him really deserve any help!



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13 responses to “Elvish apps for our sore eyes

  1. Any news on the 2nd app?

  2. Eruorto

    Hi, I tested that tengwar transcriber and it is almost perfect. I tested it with few names and example eruorto gave slightly different result than here. last o-letter was “converted” as own letter instead above t-letter. noticed similar behaviour with some other words. but version that I tested was 1.0 beta 13 so its not final version. but getting close.

  3. ok let’s start

    good things
    * Have a good sets of font types (tengwar annatar, tengwar annatr italic, tengwar parmite, tengwar quenya, tengwar sindarin)
    * you can change the bacground and looks great
    * suport for the “modes”: black speech, english, quenya, sindarin, sindarin classic
    * Can change the size of the tranlation (this is awsome)
    * YOU CAN SHARE WITH THE WORLD, image, save, o direct in G+
    * Preload phrases from the books like the one ring inscription

    Bad thing
    * none one , the truth is i didn’t found a bug or something related

    * share direct with facebook, twitter
    * add personals font types (obviusly that meet de agreement with smith’s char map)
    * add personal background

    This aplication is just awsome. You have to get it. and don’t forget make a donation, this guy deserved it.

  4. Well, unfortunatelly the second app it is not avaiable for download… I’ll wait for it.

  5. Wow. Simply wow. I’ll have to download this now, I’ve been crazy for something like this for ages! Hey, mr. G. Hussain, you’re my hero!

    • See??? Now while skydiving, riding a horse, spelunking, you’ll be able to use those great apps!!!! Easier than looking for a signal inside a cave! Wonderful, huh? 🙂

  6. i will try this rigth now. tomorrow the review.
    Thanks a lot

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