Deutscher Tengwar Modus

I should have already published more about different Tengwar Modes here. People crave for that. Since I fell in love with Quenya, I don’t spend much time learning how to write another languages using the Tengwar Alphabet, but I’m positively sure that’s the entrance, the door which brings new people into Quenya lore: The writing of one’s mother tongue with Tengwar.

At Quenya101, you had already checked a little bit about Tengwar English, Spanish, Portuguese and even Welsh Mode. NOW, It’s German’s time!

It couldn’t be different but there are some places where you can learn it. I didn’t check them all and definitely there might be some not that good, then I bring one the Christian Thalmann’s version which is concise, clear and the site is pretty neat too! Take a look at what you’re gonna find at the site:

If you already know any Tengwar Mode (mainly the elvish ones) you can see how well built and organized this Tengwar chart is, applied around German phonetic as good as it could possibly be. Sure, there are some weird things here and there, but I don’t think a better work could be done. Kudos for Thalmann for the job!

German vowels are easy and there’s simply no secret about it. The umlauts and diphthongs seem fairly regular enough too.

Full of examples, even if you don’t read in German at all, you can learn something with the well illustrated examples:



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4 responses to “Deutscher Tengwar Modus

  1. Telumel

    Have you seen these orthographic modes?

    And yes, there’s an instinct to come up with a tengwar mode for any language you know! I’ve seen tengwar modes for Esperanto, Lojban, and even Klingon and Na’vi (the language of the blue cat-people from Avatar).

    • I saw, didn’t read as a whole, but when a site disrespect the mere nature of Tengwar alphabet by listing it as a code (A = something, B = something, C = something and so on) I have all the reasons to mistrust the material.

      • Telumel

        I’m pretty sure the author is J. “Mach” Wust, designer of the font FreeMonoTengwar and tengwar enthusiast, as you could no doubt tell from having an entire blog written in tengwar – the first posts are in the English orthographic tehta mode from LotR, then he shifts to an obscure English orthographic full mode used in the tengwar parts of the Book of Mazarbul in “Pictures by J.R.R. Tolkien”. He can safely assume that people coming to his blog without a direct link are tengwar-literate and don’t need a table any more than you needed to re-learn the alphabet when you started learning a foreign language. IOW, I don’t know enough German to find subtle problems with the orthography, but it doesn’t look blatantly stupid. And I really like how he used extended grade 3 for phonemic affricates; if you see it as a merger of grades 1 and 3, it’s great symbolism.

        • Tengwar-literate ones who come to his blog are full aware of Tengwar charts and as Tolkien himself drew them and exemplified how Tengwar alphabet should be displayed (in its standard way) there is no reason to expect anything different from that, specially coming from someone who supposedly knows much about it as you claim the author does.

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