Get your barf bag ready! It’s Hobbit nausea time!

This might be true, this might be false, but rumor has it that the technology used when shooting the Hobbit movie (High speed+3D) may cause nausea and motion sickness among viewers.

What? Do you think I’m kidding and this is all made up as a joke or something? NO…it’s real deal. Check the news:

“Peter Jackson’s fantasy flick premiered in New Zealand on Nov. 28 and claims ofmotion sickness and nausea during early viewings of “The Hobbit” were first reported by The New Zealand Herald, which cited two anonymous sources. This report was followed by a review by Collider critic Dave Trumbore, who wrote: “Definite ‘motion sickness’ potential during scenes of chaotic action or fast-movement; the increased clarity often feels as if you’re standing on set with the actors/characters, so when they take a crazy tumble down a rabbit hole, for example, you feel just as disoriented.”

And you know what I say about that? HOOORAY! I wanna feel what they’re feeling on screen and who cares if I have to carry a barf bag with me? I see no problem with that! 😀

I'm gonna go back to the movie, ok?

I’m gonna go back to the movie, ok?

“Any possible “Hobbit” motion sickness has been rooted back to the film having beenshot using 3-D and new 48fps (frames per second) technology, double the standard rate of 24fps that has been used to shoot films since 1927. “The Hobbit” is the first major studio film to be projected at 48fps.”

See??? The higher the technology, the better the result is! If you barf, well it’s all your fault, you pussy! You should try at least some rainbows, for crying out loud! 🙂

Barfing Hobbit




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2 responses to “Get your barf bag ready! It’s Hobbit nausea time!

  1. That doesn’t sound good or funny. =/ Some people have problems even with usual 3D, and not only nausea but also vision problems.
    In my city, they don’t show the film in 2D, so I have no choice. It doesn’t make me happy at all…

    • No, it doesn’t!!!! Technology will kill us all…(eventually)

      I’m gonna be courageous and try my best with my barfing bag at my side! Let’s see if I can do it!!!

      If I don’t prevail, I’ll let people know so they take their dimenhydrinate before watching it!

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