Do you remember a movie called…The Hobbit?

40391_proOnce upon a time, there was a director called Peter Jackson who wanted to make a movie adaptation of the book The Hobbit from J.R.R.Tolkien. But as we all know, money got involved and where there’s money, there’s greed and the studio and the director couldn’t reach a settlement about their differences related to the profits of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Also, to make things worst, there was a group called Tolkien Estate who should have gained more from the profits made with the story of Father Tolkien, but they didn’t. Once again, we come to money talk.

After the big boys stopped being jerks to each other about the money they wanted, Jackson was hired as executive producer of the project The Hobbit. That was December,2007, twelve years after the very first Peter Jackson’s wish to make a hobbit movie. Yes, I’m talking about 1995!

guillermo-del-toro1Anyway, no matter how old this “once upon the time” may be, we are now in April,2008 when Guillermo del Toro is announced as the director chosen! Cool! He worked super hard in the pre-production time, more than we can imagine, but after 2 years in 2010, he quit! Why? Money again! MGM, the studio had some unsolved financial problems and that would delay the making of The Hobbit.


May,30th,2010 – “Guillermo Del Toro announced today that he is no longer directing the two movies based on J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, but will continue to co-write the screenplays. Out of respect to the legions of loyal Tolkien fans, both Guillermo and Peter Jackson wanted to break the news to The One Ring first. They are both committed to protecting The Hobbit and will do everything in their power to ensure the films are everything that the fans want them to be.”

In October,2010, Peter Jackson was chosen to be the director instead of just executive producer and the movie would be in 3D (A profitable market newly explored by Avatar in 2009). After a problem with an Actors Union and all the buzz involving filming or not in New Zealand, HERE WE ARE….2 days to go and The Hobbit has become true!


I’m melting inside, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for some months, years now. Who knew that would become reality after all the problems along the way?

It was indeed a very unexpected journey!

This Friday, see you in Bag-End!




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4 responses to “Do you remember a movie called…The Hobbit?

  1. I have already seen it yesterday… stunning!

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