The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

My face (most of the times)

My face (most of the times)

“My dear Frodo! I have a tale to tell you but words won’t make any justice to the grandiosity of what you need to see with your own eyes from this tale. I’m pretty glad you can see it in 3D and 48fps!”

Yesterday I watched it! I got my friends together (Jim, Ly & Rach) and we went on our own journey to Middle-Earth (actually it was AMC’s theaters in New Brunswick…but that’s ok…it’s cool to add some fantasy to our ordinary lives, huh?)

Hobbit pack


The movie is astonishing! It makes you BE there. When it started showing Erebor and all its magnificence, a tear rolled. Seriously. I cried twice in this movie, but not crying like “how sad and touching this scene is”, I was more like crying from astonishment. First of all, I rarely blinked. Second of all, I got goose bumps all the time! No big surprise! Can you imagine my reaction when Radagast spoke Quenya and I heard perfectly among his muffled “grumbles” the words “quettar” and “óma”  Owwwww, I burst with joy! What a wonderful job Peter Jackson has accomplished!



Party scene with the introduction of all dwarves, Bilbo’s attitude (Martin Freeman nailed it!), the very distinct personalities all the dwarves portray and how lovely they do it! As an elf myself, I never cared for such stunted creatures, reckless and prone to feats of anger and emotional outbursts, but the movie shows lovely dwarves which you really relate to. It’s like “I want that dwarf to be my friend and buddy!”

The Hobbit-0006-20121105-56

Radagast was my favorite one! He is such a unknown foggy character in the books and the movie shows him in full light. Also, his part in detecting the decay of Mirkwood was fantastic shown! A glimpse of giant spiders here and there, some Quenya words to save a little fellow from the woods. I loved it!


The Goblins cave is another highlight full of tension, action and THAT’s where I got my slight uncomfortable stomach “action”. I ate Japanese food before (rice, chicken and vegetables) and wasn’t too concerned about the “nausea effect” but I felt a ripple when they were running and fighting their way out against all those goblins.


Gollum and Bilbo meeting and having their riddle game? Fantastic scene! Huge highlight! Gollum is super freaky, funny and scary at the same time! Damn how good it was!

(And what about Smaug in the end!?!?!? hehehehe)


Hard hard hard to find one. Probably there is, but I’m not that lame guy who watches movies just to complain about this and that instead of enjoying the whole entertainment brought to life on the big screen.


Perhaps parts that I enjoyed less (for my personal reasons) were: Galadriel portray…AGAIN! Azog appearance (a little bit) and definitely the shortness of the movie! It was TOO short! When I realized it was ending…

And now, let’s hear from Ondo:

Hobbit1At first, I would like to say my opinion about the book, that I have finished reading on Friday. I……didn’t like it. Bilbo is a huge pain in the ass and also a thief, Thorin is a fantastic character, but he becomes absurdly greedy, compared to Fëanor himself, which made him lose my respect. I did not enjoy the way the childish way the book was written (I know he wrote it for his children), but it’s maybe because I’m so used to the First Age stories spread in numerous book that I could not get used to it. Either way, the book isn’t bad, I just didn’t like it.


Now, the movie……DAMN! It was simply fantastic. The first scenes, the attack of Smaug and the kite dragon… I knew it would be good right there. This may be a heresy, but I thought the movie was better than the book (crucify me if you wish…).

I was expecting a few Elvish sentences, and I got sad I couldn’t fully understand them right away (and, of course, was frowned upon by my friends).


I enjoyed a lot to see some of the backgrounds of the characters and the construction of Thorin as a hero, unlike what happens in the book. Also…. Radagast was fantastic! And I imagine his rabbit sled made me wonder of he is Santa Claus on the Southern Hemisphere… Because the poor reindeers would suffer in Brazilian summer in December. Jokes aside, the numerous Easter eggs (like Gandalf “you fools” line, or Bilbo’s ring scene) from the LOTR movies were fantastic, not to mention the books references, such as our friend Ungoliant being mentioned.

I’m not a fan of 3D movies (my head aches and the glasses bother me), and I had never seen a movie in IMAX before…. But this time I could enjoy it pretty well. Also, the 48fps thing made some scenes seem very realistic, which was fantastic.

Overall, the movie was beyond what I expected.

And here comes word from Erutulco:

Long things short: it was an awesome movie! I was expecting a great movie, and it didn’t let me down. All the contrary! I came out so excited, wishing I could go forward in time to watch the second part. I enjoyed it as much as a Tolkien fan could!

The good

Overall, the best was putting the story of The Hobbit in the huge context it has. By adding the extra parts, Peter Jackson made the story have a part in a greater history: Middle-earth’s history. It was a brave move for him to introduce some stories told in the Appendices of LOTR, and it was (generally) well done.

Dol Guldur

The landscapes were awesome! The Shire and Rivendell were as good as always, but the jewel was Erebor! It was so stunning! It really resembled a rich dwarf household.


I was delighted to see that the introduced more sentences in Sindarin and Quenya! Of the first I couldn’t understand one word. But I had to smile to myself when I understood some of the latter! It felt good…



The bad

Many things shocked me for differing so much from the book. But then I thought: “man, its a movie, not a book”. And its true, its BASED on the book, not a reproduction of it. Still, even though I went to the movie with a “don’t compare to the book” attitude, I couldn’t help being One Ringslightly disappointed in some parts. Especially in crucial parts as the finding of the Ring and the riddles (I mean, what was the need of changing that?). Don’t get me wrong, this things didn’t spoil the movie: they just left a small bitter taste in me.

The other bad thing (in my opinion) is that many characters lacked some of the “solemnity” they should bare, and some had excess of it (Galadriel’s case). In attempting to make it funny, they made them a bit ridiculous. I would’ve treated Radagast with some more dignity…

Finally, the voices… The dwarves’ and the goblin boss’ voices were too “english” to me. Not like the ones I would expect from those races. But this is a minor issue.

And so comes to an end our unexpected journey…

Bilbo in Rivendell


what a ride!


Hobbit day

December,14th,2012 – The Hobbit day!


Quenya101 staff


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22 responses to “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

  1. Daviyd

    I was told the Quenya was something like this: ‘sië hlara ómo quettar: nai cuilelya envinyata.’

  2. Daviyd

    It’s not fair! I’ve searched everywhere for the Sindarin dialog used in this movie! (and yes I only recognised ‘mellon nín’ and ‘im telitha’). I wonder when it will be put online! As for the movie it’s self I enjoyed it!

  3. dinelthe

    I loved the movie, but I din’t like Azog’s hand, Radagast, and Gollum’s voice. It was better on LOTR, I think. And Thorin & Co. voices… Gimli had a Dwarvish voice!!!

    • In the beginning I noticed how some voices were not what I was expecting but as the story went on and on, I got used with them. No problems with those aspect of the movie.

  4. brihtuhn

    So glad you enjoyed it so much. I saw a sneak preview Thursday morning in HFR and am going back shortly to see it again in IMAX. I’m not quite as enthusiastic as you overall, but I definitely think that it will be tremendously successful. Erebor, Imladris, Galadriel (♥), and Gollum were all just amazing!

    • SUPER cool! I saw a preview (10 to 15 minutes) of Star Trek Into Darkness and I was thrilled when I realized what was going on and which movie was that!

      I think you’ll love it so much, my Vulcan friend!

  5. We haven’t been able to see this yet, but have been reading reviews. Your review is my favorite. Wish I could say something kind and smart and witty and nice in return in Quenya, but I can’t, so just “Bless you!”

  6. I disagree with you so much about Radagast! They made him a clown. He is a wizard, a Maia, a mighty druid, but not a clown or a hippie with a red nose and… ushanka on his head. Why on earth they portrayed him like this? And this mentioning of him overusing mushrooms… wtf? Actually, you are the first person I hear to say they liked THIS Radagast.
    I was also really disappointed about the time riddle, where Bilbo GUESSED the answer, and not was „saved by pure luck“ as it is in the book. But that’s probably just because since childhood I love this moment the most… Anyway, the riddles in the dark are really exciting, that’s true.
    And Azog…I understand, they just needed a super cool antagonist to oppose Thorin. But guys, Azog is dead by that time… And this artificial hand… This kind of character is not possible in Middle-earth. NO ONE needs wounded orc/goblin commanders. Quite the contrary, if some lower rank orcs see their commander incapacitated, they would rather gladly kick him in a revenge for all the humiliation he made them feel before. Kick and revenge, not try to save him… If you are incapacitated — you become useless in the orc society. So it’s just a kind of „don’t believe“…

    But don’t think I didn’t like the film. I did! These are just few things that I consider fails… they doesn’t feel to resemble the atmosphere of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. All other things are great, and Martin Freeman is just an ideal Bilbo! I can’t even imagine how this role can be performed better. Now I’m so looking forward to see the next part of the story…

    • I didn’t see Radagast as a clown. I am very aware that he is a Maia but I really don’t mind when they introduce humor lines or attitudes in characters I know should be more solemn and full of dignity. Once again, that’s entertainment.

      When Gandalf (who happens to be a Maia too) is portrayed as an old fart with memory problems and all that senile stuff…well ok. I don’t mind. I understand that many things are not exactly as the books and never will be. As long as they are minor details, they won’t spoil the whole.

      For me, Radagast was not a clown, nor a hippie nor less respectable than any other Maia. He was a different one. He was a Maia hermit living in the nature. For me, a clown or hippie who had overused mushrooms wouldn’t conjure spells in QUENYA!

      Bottom line: Radagast was my favorite! My eye (and ear) saw (and heard) more than the shallowness of what was being shown as entertainment there.

      Well, as the riddle…it’s crystal clear why you got disappointed. When you expected to watch a book on the big screen, you get disappointed. You must watch the movie, not the book. They are different.

      Azog…..yeah…I must agree. Azog was used just to fill an empty vacant space. It served the movie well, but pretty disposable stuff.

      OOOOH yeah! Martin Freeman is Bilbo! Man, he is THE hobbit! (I loved when sometimes the dwarves kept saying: “Where is OUR hobbit?”) hehehehe

    • Cillendor

      I think because of certain promo art that shows Bolg in Dol Guldur, Azog will be revealed to be resurrected by the Necromancer for some evil purpose.

  7. “I’m not that lame guy who watches movies just to complain about this and that instead of enjoying the whole entertainment brought to life on the big screen.” >>> And that’s why you’re my favourite Tolkienite! (And because you’re the Quenya Master, lol) Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see it!!

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