Where do your choices lead you, Bilbo?

“And Bilbo found a ring and he returned it to its owner, a vile creature called Gollum.”

Bilbo and the Ring

Imagine that! I don’t know which kind of story we would have if Bilbo had done that and this is just an illustrative way to show the important role our own choices play in life.

If there is a power we all have at the same amount is: free will. Eru gave it to all (do you really REALLY believe in a predetermined life where fate won’t let you escape any final outcome? Oh NO!) and we should start thinking deeply what you’re doing with your choices. Are you choosing wisely your friends? Your career? Are you choosing good deeds or bad? Are you following a good path?

samsung-ativ-tabWhy the hell am I talking about that here? A couple of weeks ago, I found a someone’s precious in an ATM. The person had lost its tablet and I couldn’t imagine how frustrated that person was (or would be when he realized it) about losing such  a particular item.

And here comes the choice role I’m talking about. I checked some things in the tablet and realized the person spoke German! Contacted him by email, we met and I gave his precious back. I have already lost my wallet with my ID and all my papers in it a few years ago and a homeless guy who found it, called me up and returned me that. I was so so so thankful! Now it was my turn to be on the other side!

465px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Slovenia.svgToday Zmago, the Slovenian guy who won’t need to buy another tablet and make all his Zmagobusiness projects again, invited me up to a pub where we had a great fantastic time. I met his friends and business partners, Beitia (from Basque Country) and Marcos (from Brazil) and instantly I saw what an excellent choice I have done. The guy is awesome, many things in common and certainly I got a new friend where I wasn’t expecting to find one! I had just found a tablet but with it, a huge choice and I’m happy to have chosen wisely!

For all Hobbits out there…let’s behave ourselves and spread some goodness in this vast World of ours, huh? The road goes ever on and on and where it may lead, sometimes it’s totally up to you and you only!!! Choose wisely!





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3 responses to “Where do your choices lead you, Bilbo?

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  2. lol, where do you live? xD

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