Hrívë utúlië (Winter has come)


This is a disclaimer post. Keeping the tradition, during the winter season (January only) Quenya101 will be officially in vacation! After all, it’s winter and there’s nothing better than it! Chill, freeze, snow…I love this time! So, read below some of the things that will take place from 01/01/13 to 01/31/13:

  • Posts publications are halted. ONLY posts! Everything else in the site will resume normally.
  • FAST LINE services are paused too. The 101-hour delivery time during January will not be in effect. I’d recommend you all to hold your donations until 02/01/13, when FAST LINE will be back. If you still wanna use it, well you can; but have in mind you’ll only get answered after 02/01/13.
  • Full gas with old requests! It saddens me to see so many people waiting for such a long time in the waiting lists here. On the other hand, it’s a good display of patience from them and I thank you all for being patient and understanding I’m 1 while you are more than 350,000 now! In January,  I’ll work extra to answer many requests every day, so we’re all happy! Lines won’t be over of course, but they’ll be a little shorter than now.
  • I’m experiencing temporary problems to answer people’s comments right now. If you posted a comment anywhere in the site, you may have noticed that. I’m sorry for that. I usually answer back within few days (2-3) and as fast as possible I’ll solve the situation and every single one will get their comments read and answered as well! Don’t worry about it!
  • As you can see, there’s a little simple surprise for you all. A little bit of snow here, to make our hearts jolly while we sit back and enjoy the season!

So, see you around! Have a nice winter (or summer depending where you are) you all!

I aldar Eldanórëo

I aldar Eldanórëo




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