We’re back! The 3rd Year begins!

Entullelmë….one month later, here we are! On a Super Bowl day, we’re back! After a rough January (personally) I’m glad to announce Quenya101 is back!

Hooray, we're back!

Hooray, we’re back!

Sweet elven mead for our celebration!

Not only we’re back, but today is the anniversary of Quenya101. 2 years ago, I started this “thing” which I had no idea what would become! A day to celebrate, a day to remember and certainly a day to thank all the Tolkien fans who contributed for what Quenya101 is right now. (The beer is on me today, folks! Drink up) 😀

This year promises a lotta action around here! Tons of (good!!!) tattoos to display, future Quenya Masters to step up already being scouted, the conclusion of Ainulindalë Quenyanna (at last!), White Tree Awards III, The Hobbit 2nd movie to come….and an infinite array of new lessons and classes to share with all eager fans out there!

Goddamn, how I’m thrilled to be back! It’s like I’ve been mute for a whole month! As you may have noticed, Fast Line is also back since 02/01/13 and I’m catching up with all requests made through it during January. They are all considered (for the 101-hour delivery time) as being requested in 02/01/13 12:00AM ET. So, just relax and you’ll get what you asked for right in time, because you know a half-elven Quenya teacher is never late, nor is he early, he answers precisely when he means to.

Quenya101 Voilà



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14 responses to “We’re back! The 3rd Year begins!

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  5. Ondo Carniliono

    Some surprises to come on year 3, huh mr. Erunno?

  6. Neldë loa – mai carnë! Hantanyel an i lúmë anantien sinomë.

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