Super Bowl XLVII (elvishly speaking as usual)

SBXLVII elvish

Oh sweet Sunday I had! My life has changed recently (for the worst), I moved to another city and it seems it’s NOT temporary as expected due to my work; but this Sunday was a carefree Sunday! Super Bowl Sunday!

Forgive me the non-sports people, but Super Bowl is special as it is!

Me and some buddies (Robert & Edward) watched together the game and it was pretty fun as I beat both of their bets on the 49ers! I knew Ravens would win and Ray Lewis would get a most nfl_g_raylew93_cr_400deserved last game before his retirement.

Memorable game (power outage played its part for better or for worse) I just didn’t like the fact Jacoby Jones wasn’t elected MVP. A hell of a 108-yd return for TD and an amazing catch and dance in front of two defenders for TD.

Well, as for the 49ers….Colin Kaepernick is good but I knew he was too green for such a feat as SB!

If you’re knew here and haven’t met any Football post before, you must be very confused right now wondering what Tolkien and Quenya got to do with it anyway! Don’t be downhearted!

Here’s a lesson for everyone! Some colors in Quenya:


Are you up to this task? Can you name all the colors here? There’s one trick tough! One of them is NOT a color and another one is a composition derived from a noun. Well, well, well…the first one to gimme the correct answers to this “colorful” exercise, gets a FAST LINE prize! Let’s have a game, shall we?

Congrats for the future winner and…

Kudos for

Opelosto Quácor a.k.a. Baltimore Ravens

Opelosto Quácor a.k.a. Baltimore Ravens



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2 responses to “Super Bowl XLVII (elvishly speaking as usual)

  1. Well, I know the answers but I don’t need the prize so I’ll let someone else have a go. 🙂

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