One does not simply see an angry vagina

Why so serious? Ignorance is bliss and let’s laugh a bit about it! This is a funny post brought to you by The Bloggess and if this situation may have happened to you, well…it’s past time you start looking for new friends, man!

The Bloggess

What it’s like being friends with non-geek girls:

Friend: Why did you just send me a picture of an angry vagina?

The Bloggess: No, I didn’t. I sent you a picture of a kick-ass cake.

Friend: No. It was a hat. With an angry vagina on it.

The Bloggess: It’s a cake with the Eye of Sauron on it.


Quickly-becoming-not-friend: The what of what?

The Bloggess: The giant, flaming eye. From Lord of the Rings(?)

Still-friend?: Really? Looks like vagina hat to me.

The Bloggess: Great. Now all I can see it’s an irritated vagina. You’re goddamn contagious.

Used-to-be-friend: Angry. The damn thing is furious. And why is it surrounded by Arabic?

The Bloggess: That’s elvish (alphabet).

Unknown stranger: Sometimes I wonder why we’re friends.

The Bloggess: Sometimes I wonder the same thing.

Now, perhaps…the Eye of Sauron is all ruined for us. We’re hardly gonna be able NOT to see an angry vagina, but that’s the price for ignorance (of others). And I can assure my friends (and still-friends) it’s not bliss! It’s angry, it’s very angry and it comes with Arabic on it!

Sauron Censored



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2 responses to “One does not simply see an angry vagina

  1. Eric

    I think when I hear the tongue of Mordor being spoken when the One Ring reveals its true nature “Osh kosh, b’gosh. Osh kosh, b’gosh. Osh kosh…”

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