The Church of Middle-Earth

STPIt looks like, but this post is not about religion! Nor doctrines nor dogmas nor anything related to it. Actually, it’s a piece of artistic gallery about how a church (the building itself) would look like in Middle-Earth.

Middle Ages left us a rich story behind. Sure, there are the ugly parts where the Catholic Church killed them all; but artistically the Church was the main power and propeller of the beauties of that time. Sculptures, paintings, everything flourished and there’s a vast and unique collection attributed to this troubled times.

Even glass was used for art. The glass of everyday life, a substance for utilities, changed into art. Stained glass is art to the nth degree and why not decorating our fictional Middle-Earth Church with some of it, illustrating the “saints” of our time and their deeds of fame and glory? THAT is what this post is about!

Close your eyes, open your mind, see with your imagination. The story of our land through stained glass!

(Click in each one to open a large and detailed view!)

What a beautiful work! Unfortunately I stumbled upon this through Sociedad Tolkien Paraguay Facebook Page and that’s as far as I can go giving credits to those images. If someone knows more about them, please tell me!

EDIT: Gorgûl Morianna helped with the author info here! It’s Jian Guo Thank you!!!

Anyway, they are fantastic designs for stained glass and it’d be breathtaking to see some of them for real in the windows of some Church….of Middle-Earth!



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18 responses to “The Church of Middle-Earth

  1. Natallie

    Oi. Encontrei a galeria do artista no Deviantart. Ele é chinês.

  2. Gehayi

    They’re by DeviantARTist breathing2004 (a.k.a. Jian Guo). He’s male and lives in the People’s Republic of China, according to his DA profile. And he’s done a TON of these pictures.

  3. Calimë Isil

    Nice work guys!!!

  4. Gorgeous!!!
    But anyway, one of the things I love in Tolkien is that he doesn’t impose religion on the reader. Ainulindale, Eru and the Valar look so organic that an atheist reader would not be embarrassed. At the same time, a Christian reader can catch an echo of their religion, reflected beautifully in the world of Arda. It’s like there are no religious cults, but the nature of the world is religious. And it’s prefect for everyone.
    That’s why the idea of a theoretical church in Middle-earth seems to me very crude. But THIS certainly does not become worse because of it! A breathtaking piece of art!

    By the way, have you read “Secret Fire: The Spiritual Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien” by Stratford Caldecott? I was impressed with this book. It presents JRRT’s religious views and their impact on his works in an interesting way, and also tells something about him going ‘inside’ language and mythology.

    • I agree! A theoretic Church of Middle-Earth’s idea is a very crude one and that’s why no religious point is made at this post, it’s just a mere link to the stained glass idea (which would prove lovely, no matter which kind of building holds it). It could be a museum for all that matters! Why not, huh?

      I didn’t read this book, but it surely looks interesting. I think his religious views may have affected his work, but he struggled not to let them overshadow his main goal. Well, that’s what I think. Many points of view can be shared about this issue.

  5. These are absolutely stunning!.. and would be amazing done in stained glass! I was playing around on Pinterest, where these pictures can also be seen. I found this: I think you will find the artist there.

  6. very talented by the way [=

  7. The name of the artist is Jian Guo, here is a link to his deviant art page [=

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