Quenya words ∈ world languages

Cesar Rojas

César Rojas Bravo!

Did you read the name above? Fine…now we can start our post!

Well, he’s the guy who brought the compilation you’re about to see to life! It’s a hell of an idea, and very interesting for the ones who love Quenya and languages in general (me….guilty :D). Read below and you’ll see that there is more in Quenya than meets the eye!

Hasn’t it ever happened to you, that when you come upon certain Quenya words, you realize the same word exists in your language, or in a language you are familiar with?
It has happened several times to me, so I decided to take Helge Fauskanger’s Quenya-English Wordlist and go word by word to find out which words have a meaning (not necessarily the same one, mostly not) in languages I am familiar with.
I found many words existing mostly in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and Latin, languages I have some knowledge of. Thanks to Milla Leskinen, who helped me by identifying  words in Quenya that exist in Finnish, to Celebrinthal for identifying words in Polish, Japanese and German, among others, to Metaflora for Hungarian words, to Emma Flacking, for Swedish and Norwegian, to John Karpo for Greek and to Kastytis Zubovas for Lithuanian.
J. R. R. Tolkien knew Finnish and Latin, so Quenya words existing in these languages probably are not coincidences, whether they have the same meaning or not, but most likely, Professor Tolkien wasn’t aware of all the word coincidences we have found. I have not included the matches with the English language, since no doubt Tolkien knew if this Quenya word existed in English. Occasionally I used a dictionary to double-check the word’s definitions.
I first list the words in Quenya, followed by language and the meaning it has in it. I hope you enjoy it, and of course, if you read Helge’s wordlist and find words in languages not listed here, or words missing, or any corrections you would like to make, please contact me!
Finally, towards the end of the writing of this entry, I found an essay called “Similarities between natural languages and Tolkien’s Eldarin”, by Roman Rausch, in which you can find, among many other interesting things, a list of matches between Noldorin/Sindarin and Welsh and Irish, and a list of matches in other languages, but in which the meanings are very similar or at least related.
Is that it? NO….there’s much more! There’s the whole long list yet! Check for yourselves there, at his site, where the quote was taken from. HERE!
See? And yet once in a while, I still hear people say that Quenya is not real, it’s a fake language…..oh boy…..



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4 responses to “Quenya words ∈ world languages

  1. Beatriz

    Quenya is indeed fascinating! In fact, when I started to take an interest in Tolkien’s languages, the word for “crescent” made me do a double take when I saw it for the first time (seeing as it means “a**” in Portuguese)! Still, I dare say Quenya is the most beautiful language I’ve heard (after Portuguese :D). I could spend hours on this website just reading and reading and reading. Thank you for all your work, it’s great to see there are people who are so devoted to Tolkien’s work!

    • Thanky you so much for your kind words, Beatriz! Cú is the word you mentioned, huh? Funny!!!

      Pretty nice to hear you can spend hours and hours reading Quenya101. That kind of thing really motivates me to make the best I can for all Tolkien fans out there! 🙂

  2. Vanda

    Yeah, i found my name (Vanda) recently here, in “The Words of Malbeth the Seer”, i’m still very noob at this, and i’m not really sure what it means yet, but was pleased that it exists in Quenya.
    Also, I’m loving this site and what you’re doing with it, it is a constant inspiration, thank you for that.

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