Almárë, our new Quenya star!

Aiya! Essenya Almárë ná ar nanyë vinya quén i tecë sís.

Nas ní.

Hello, my name is Almáre and I’m a new writer here. 😀 I’ve not done any posts thus far, but I’ve got a couple in the works, including a translation of Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion and one of Nightwish’s Ghost Love Score.

I began studying Quenya only last December, though I had been meaning to for a number of years – I think I downloaded the Ardalambion course all the way back in 2006 but never got around to it! Oh that I had! Still, over the last three months the study of Quenya has all but taken over my life. I love it! It started because I bought I print of Jenny Dolfen’s amazing painting of The Oath of Fëanor and I decided it would be cool to frame it with a Quenya translation of the oath (as found in Morgoth’s Ring) written in tengwar (I still haven’t done this, but I have the oath on my wall next to the painting!).

Nas ní. About me… let’s see.. I’m 23 years old and live in Tasmania, Australia… (that’s the little vaguely triangular island in the south east). I have a bachelors degree in physics and I am currently doing my honours in optical astronomy (nauvan meneldil!). I’m also an avid horse rider (nanyë roquen), study medieval European martial arts (polinyë turë macil) and do archery (ar quinga). I’m only fluent in English but I know a bit of French and Japanese.

I cannot remember when I first read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, but I first read The Silmarillion when I was twelve and that’s when my love affair with Arda began. Fëanáro was my favourite character then and that hasn’t changed (I used to use the screen name daughteroffeanor, judge that how you will). Hence, in-world I’d would be Noldo and would have been sworn to the Fëanorians, and post-Losgar probably Maitimo.

Nas ní.

I can be found on twitter @almarexx or on tumblr, or via email and if you’ve any questions (about Quenya or physics!), requests or want someone to proof read something you’ve written please don’t hesitate to ask!

Namárië meldonyar!

IC10 Galaxy a.k.a. Galaxy of Almárë

IC10 Galaxy a.k.a. Galaxy of Almárë




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6 responses to “Almárë, our new Quenya star!

  1. Awesome! Did you finish your translation of Kepler’s Laws? I have an exam about them in 3 days! 😀

    Nightwish, Physics, Archery, you are fabulous! Greetings!

  2. Calimë Isil

    Nightwish!!! 😀

  3. Ondo Carniliono


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