SOooo, this is not a stupid April Fool’s prank. I hate those kind of things!

That might be the first thing you’re gonna think  if you’re not seeing the text below correctly. If all you get is a  weird code like: “5~CÁ 5#£ 1~V7E `C6 ” then you just need to get the font called Tengwar Annatar and you’ll do just fine! You’ll be able to enjoy this historical post! For the very first time, to change all the future for everyone who loves Quenya.

I present to you…….QUENYA, as it should be written! Just READ:

5~CÁ 5#£ 1~V7E `C6 5#£ `C5nE- iG5# `B t%5$Ì zF1;E6 aF2$`Cj iT5^t$ hÍE 1~VaT5$ 5$6 1T`V,F t#.DhÍE zF5#Ì5 5~C 1~VaT5#\ hÍY yE5%t# 1Rx#w#7EÎ 1Rx#6ˆ
5#£ zF4#j$`C- 5#£ `B 5#1 `Bj$´ 1YjaT`V2%j%° ›`C6 zF5#Ì2%j%°› t$65$6= `B 1T`V 1RaT`V5 1Rx#6 5#1|F,F- j~C `Vt#:= j~C eG4#j$= `V6 zF5#Ì `CrlYaE 1T`V7EÎ,F=====1Fx#7F,FÁ

What is relevant about his text? This is NOT an image! This is TEXT! That’s Quenya as it should be written, with its own alphabet. With this new Quenya101 feature, we give Quenya the status it deserves! Alongside other languages with different alphabets (Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and so on), now Quenya can be written using Tengwar. WRITTEN! Not just images pasted here and there!


Or should I say….



🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, for polite reasons, let’s share here the translation of the text as well as its Quenya equivalent written in that very ugly ugly alphabet we call Roman! Here it is:

Ná! Nas téra ar nas anwa. Sina i minyë quettar cendëal sinomë ya técinë ner tiessë mauya Quenyan ná técina: yo vanima tengwandarya Tengwar.

Nas quentalëa. Nas i nat ilyë Tolciendilli (ar Quenyandilli) merner, i tië tecien Tengwar natsessë. Lá emma, lá fintalë, er Quenya ampoica tieryassë…Tengwaressë!

And now English (at last!):

Yes! It’s right and it’s real. This is the first words you are reading here that were written the way Quenya should be written: with its beautiful alphabet Tengwar.

It’s historical. It’s the thing all lovers of Tolkien (and lovers of Quenya) desired, the way to write Tengwar in the Internet. No picture, no trick, only Quenya in its purest way…in Tengwar!

  `C2# alYjR zF5#Ì5Á




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22 responses to “Nas……….Quenya!

  1. This is awesome! I can see it, but I do have the fonts installed. 🙂

    • Linda Brown!!!! Awesome to hear from you again! Also, pretty happy to know your PC is Middle-Earth Ready! What a very nice feature, huh? It’s such a small and simple thing, but it opens possibilities and a window for the future.

      This will help stop the discrimination our elvish (and half-elven) race suffers sometimes! 😀

      We are entitled of writing with our own alphabet too!!!

      • “…We are entitled of writing with our own alphabet too!!!”

        Yes, we certainly are – – and will now we will, thanks to your efforts! The discrimination bothers me too, being surrounded by ones who can’t understand and share my passion! So, thanks so much; it’s a great thing!

        I had some of those fonts installed, but for some reason could never type with the Sindarin or Parmaite fonts. That’s changed now, since installing the ones you posted. If it’s any help to anyone, I’m using Mozilla Firefox and Open Office on a WinXP system. 🙂

        • Yeah, Linda! Let’s write with the alphabet we want and love so much! Now we can!

          Thank you for sharing your system info here! It adds to the list and definitely helps others who may find some problems visualizing Tengwar fonts correctly.

  2. I have the font installed and I still see the garbled text. What now?

    • Oh no….let’s try to solve this together! We need to find a solution as hard as it may be! I’m no wonderful genius at computers but I’ll try my best! I’m about to modify some coding on the post as well as the site CSS and would like to test with you to check if you see them correctly. Tell me, which operational system you got? Which browser? This info will help me too!

      Thanks for reporting the bug!

      • Erunno,

        I just restarted my computer and apparently it is working fine. I’m on Windows XP, Chrome 26.

        It is amazing, actually. I couldn’t read the last paragraph, then I got the Tengwar Gothica and it’s working fine too.

        Thank you!

  3. Cillendor

    The last paragraph isn’t displaying the font. 😦

    • Shazam!!!! Easter egg for the thirsty ones!! And you found it Cillendor!!! Pretty good, man!

      Try getting Tengwar Gothika and your display problems will be gone! 😀

  4. Ramon Diedrich

    The post guy is drunk?

    • Firstly: Do you have Tengwar fonts on your computer?
      Secondly: Can you read the text correctly and not coded?
      Thirdly: Do you understand that this new feature in Quenya101 (it may not be new in the internet, but it is here) it`s only possible through the donations people made here? So the audience, including you, is the one who deserves my deep appreciation for that.
      Fourthly: This guy is called Erunno Alcarinollo a.k.a. me, the one who helped you with your beginner’s questions about Quenya & Tengwar recently.
      Lastly but not least: When I’m drunk, I’ll tell you that I’m drunk. Like here:

      • Ramon Diedrich

        So… answers:

        Firstly: yes, I do, but as I saw in my smartphone there was no fonts (hate you Android!)

        Secondly: Now I can…

        Thirdly: yes, I do, and I appreciate the web site and always I recommended the site to others people that may have interests in elvish language that´s why Im following you and supported… That was a joke, that was a misunderstanding… Im guessing…

        Fourtly: Thank you for remember who are you and thank you for the help as I did before…

        Last one: I should know it…

        Sorry for the inconvenience.

        • So answering back:

          Firstly: Exactly what I thought!

          Secondly: Good now you can!

          Thirdly: Thank you very much for that!

          Forthly: You’re mostly welcome, anytime!

          Lastly: Yeah, definitely!

          Well, anyway….ok!

  5. Jacob

    Thanks for the post, good to see that you have got the font now! I do have a question though. Ná. i thought it means “is” just as nar means “are.” Can ná mean yes too?

    Kind regards,

    • Yes, Jacob! Ná literally means “is”. It’s the verb to be and it may also used as the affirmative particle “yes”. That’s how it works in Quenya.

  6. I can make it so they don’t need to have the font installed. 😉

    😀 But yay!

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