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The content below is slightly outdated. Check the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide where you can find all Tengwar Fonts from the whole freaking internet AND also original and exclusive ones.

After the new promising feature of Quenya101 presented in the previous post, this guide is more than needed to help everyone with Tengwar Fonts. With this guide, you’ll have a complete catalog of all existing Tengwar fonts out there. Names, a pangram with of all tengwar, files to download and even a test to check if your internet browser is Middle-Earth ready!

Here you have only part I of this series. More is to come. When they do, links will be displayed here for easy navigation.

Tengwar Fonts Guide

Part II
(Beleriand, Eldamar, Galvorn, Mornedhel, Parmaite & Teleri)

Part III
(Elfica, Greifswalder, Optime, Caslin, Formal & Hereno)

Part IV – The Broken
(Cursive, Naive, Gandalf, Mazarbul, Typewriter & Morona)

So, let’s start! (Click at the heading to download the font file)

OBS: If you don’t know how to type using Tengwar, please read THIS before downloading the fonts and typing like a regular keyboard. That’s not how it works!

Tengwar Annatar

Tengwar Annatar Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Annatar as you see in the image above is a standard writing, balanced and with a neutral elvish style.

Tengwar Annatar Italics

Tengwar Annatar Italics Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Annatar Italics is the #1 choice of Tolkien fans as it’s the One Ring inscription and it flows beautifully in a cursive and “liquid” way.

Tengwar Noldor

Tengwar Noldor Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Noldor is the most Dwarvish Tengwar can get! Full of straight lines, it’s perfect for chiseling stone and perhaps make amends with that stunted bearded people!

Tengwar Gothika

Tengwar Gothika Quenya Pangram

Elves in Middle-Ages? Unusual combination, but why not? Tengwar Gothika is one of my favorite ones! It adds an air of medieval taste to the already beautiful alphabet.

Tengwar Quenya

Tengwar Quenya Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Quenya is a serious font with stern face and balanced visual. It’s good for documents or history specially those related to…Alqualondë burning ships! (Trolling Thingol)

Tengwar Sindarin

Tengwar Sindarin Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Sindarin may be called cousin to Tengwar Quenya. Both are alike but this one here is merrier, almost handwritten one might say, with a rounded quality stressed in it.


The test!

Middle Earth Ready

Can you see the tengwar below as you see above? If you download the fonts you should be able to. If not, try using Windows 7 and Google Chrome 26. That’s what I got here and I  can see pretty well all the Tengwar writing! If you have problems even after downloading the fonts, please tell me! We’re gonna try to solve this riddle and help you turning your computer elvish-friendly and Middle-Earth ready! 🙂

(PS: Mobiles? Forget it!!! No hope on the horizon yet!)



`B zF1;E6


yR 5#4$




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36 responses to “Tengwar Fonts Guide

  1. thib

    Could anyone help me to know what to type EXACTLY to get the “All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost.” exactly as one can see it online. I’ve tried several ways but it really doesn’t pan out. Especially all the little things on top, before, the three points and all that. Thanks a lot.

  2. rusuke

    Hello! I downloaded the quenya annatar. Seems working but I wonder why those example scripts above have symbols above scripts and I can’t see it when I type it. 😦

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  4. Logan

    Not seeming to work on my mac, using google chrome

  5. Gethin

    I downloaded the fonts, they seem to be working on my computer in word documents etc, but not for your test. Sorry.

  6. Hiro Rumpf

    anda coi Tolkien-nna

  7. Amiee

    I really would love some help. My mother is a huge lord of the rings fan, and we’ve decided to get a mother and daughter tattoo. I would love someone to please show me what ‘Mother’ and ‘Daughter’ look like in elven script. Please email me at Lizvettaravenscroft@gmail.com I really would like our tattoos to be correct and not something a tattoo artist ‘thinks looks right.

  8. Tony Payson

    Hello! Long time listener, first time caller. I just have a quick question:

    Is there a license for these fonts? Thank you in advance.

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