Tengwar Fonts Guide 2



The content below is slightly outdated. Check the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide where you can find all Tengwar Fonts there is right now including original and exclusive ones.

Resuming the previous post, let’s check more Tengwar fonts and add them to our catalog! Yeah….they are not that few (although I always think there should be MORE) and here it comes new 6 ones! This is just part II of the series and the links to the other parts are (or will be) given below.

Tengwar Fonts Guides

Part I
(Annatar, Annatar Italics, Noldor, Gothika, Quenya & Sindarin)

Part III
(Elfica, Greifswalder, Optime, Caslin, Formal & Hereno)

Part IV – The Broken
(Cursive, Naive, Gandalf, Mazarbul, Typewriter & Morona)

Like part I, here you’ll find the Fonts’ names, a pangram with of all tengwar, files to download and even a test to check if your internet browser is Middle-Earth ready!

OBS: If you don’t know how to type using Tengwar, please read THIS before downloading the fonts and typing like a regular keyboard. That’s not how it works!

(Click at the heading to download the font file)

Tengwar Beleriand

Tengwar Beleriand

Tengwar Beleriand has a nice standard visual with stylish curvy ends in some tengwar and tehtar. Well balanced and the favorite of most Avari!

Tengwar Eldamar

Tengwar Eldamar

Tengwar Eldamar feels like a dagger. It’s a sharp font with pretty marked tehtar. To me, it’s the most “Arabic” of Tengwar fonts. I can’t explain, I just feel that about it!

Tengwar Galvorn

Tengwar Galvorn

Tengwar Galvorn is a crystal, hollow and perhaps shiny font. It’s huge also. (It’s size 12 like the others, but can you see the difference?).

Tengwar Mornedhel

Tengwar Mornedhel

Tengwar Mornedhel is the twin sister of Galvorn. The only difference is the darkness. Mornedhel means Dark Elf in Sindarin, so it makes sense.

Tengwar Parmaite

Tengwar Parmaite

Tengwar Parmaite is a formal, well styled and pretty tiny font. I didn’t mess with the size again, that’s its natural size 12 like all other fonts presented here.

Tengwar Teleri

Tengwar Teleri

Tengwar Teleri is not a proof that Elves have bad calligraphy. Take a close look: it’s swans you see! That’s right! A weird looking, original font from that Teleri people!


The test!

Middle Earth Ready

Is your computer ready to read correctly those Tengwar fonts? Check the text below and if you see them with their proper Tengwar fonts you’re good to go! Yay! And if not, well….follow the instructions here and get elvish friendly!



`B zF1;E6


yR 5#4$




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21 responses to “Tengwar Fonts Guide 2

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  5. Cillendor

    Can you use Tengwar Telcontar on here? I’d imagine most browsers can support it by now.

    • Yes, I could. But I’m not sure if we’re talking of the same Tengwar Telcontar. I have one here in my computer but surprisingly…it’s NOT a Tengwar font, just Roman alphabet. Is it the one you referred to?

      • Cillendor

        Aye. Actually, it IS a Tengwar font, but rather than using Dan Smith’s keyboard layout, it uses some kind of unicode encoding. You have to download a Tengwar Keyboard pack that then becomes an alternate keyboard for English in the language bar. When you change it to Tengwar Unicode (QWERTY), you can type with Tengwar. They keys correspond to a QWERTY keyboard.

        However, that is not enough. 😛 You also have to use a Graphite-enabled application, such as OpenOffice.org. Microsoft Word doesn’t support Graphite font technology yet, and to my knowledge there are no plugins available for it at this time.

        Telcontar, created by the man who made Annatar, is by far the most powerful Tengwar font created, but it takes a little bit of setting up before it will work properly. Also, after posting my initial question, I did some research on browsers supporting Graphite. Firefox and Chrome can support it, but not IE (at least that I could find).

        Telcontar is also cool because, like you said, the standard English layout is a Tolkien-inspired Latin alphabet. I recommend looking up a keyboard layout for it to see how the Tengwar layout is done. Also, here is the website where you can find all of the necessary information about it.


        • Damn, that’s a hell of info you got here! I really didn’t know about all the settings required to use Tengwar Telcontar. I’ll see if I can get it done here (unless it’s too difficult, because I’m not that good with computers). I’ll need to study closely the matter.

      • Cillendor

        Yeah, I really don’t know how well it would work online, but I guarantee that it’s the most intuitive font for personal usage once you get it working. The payoff is well worth the setup. Just imagine, never having to decide where a tehta best fits or whether to use an alternate glyph because the closed line on the bow intersects awkwardly with the following stem. 😛

        • But those are problems people who are used with Tengwar writing don’t have, I guess. At least, I don’t have them anymore. It’s just a matter of getting used with the system.

          Perhaps, I’d have new and different issues with this Telcontar when I get it going here.

      • Cillendor

        I know you get used to using the Dan Smith layout; for a while, I could type fluidly with it. But Tengwar Annatar (the only font in that format which I actually like, visually) has a few issues of placement where tehtar don’t seem to fit right. Even looking at the Ainulindalë background, I see a few deficiencies in the font (some of which were solved with the alternate glyph set, but changing fonts for one character is a major pain). Telcontar modifies itself as you go along so it automatically places everything perfectly and precisely.

        Anyway, I’m not trying to start an argument or anything, I just want to spread the word about Telcontar because it is such a powerful font.

      • Cillendor

        Yup, this developer’s blog explains how it works: http://tengtelc.wordpress.com/ The only complaint I have about it is the lack of a “capital” calligraphic rómen. I’m not sure how it got overlooked, but it’s really the only deficiency with the font.

      • Cillendor

        Awesome, I’m glad to hear!

      • Yummmy……….I loved the 4th and 5th line!

        Man….you’re good! You totally convinced to go for it even with all the work necessary to get it right!

        I’m doing it!

  6. Ná! Cenen i quettar! Tengwar Teleri and Mornedhel are now my absolutely favourite fonts.

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