Tengwar Fonts Guide 3



The content below is slightly outdated. Check the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide where you can find all Tengwar Fonts there is right now including original and exclusive ones.

Oh ho…..3 in a row, but yeah…I hope you’re enjoying the ride with our Tengwar Fonts collection! We have already had 12 tengwar fonts on the 2 previous posts (links below) and now more 6 to be added. Keep counting!

Tengwar Fonts Guides

Part I
(Annatar, Annatar Italics, Noldor, Gothika, Quenya & Sindarin)

Part II
(Beleriand, Eldamar, Galvorn, Mornedhel, Parmaite & Teleri)

Part IV – The Broken
(Cursive, Naive, Gandalf, Mazarbul, Typewriter & Morona)

Like before, here you’ll find the Fonts’ names, a pangram with of all tengwar, files to download and even a test to check if your internet browser is Middle-Earth ready!

OBS: If you don’t know how to type using Tengwar, please read THIS before downloading the fonts and typing like a regular keyboard. That’s not how it works!

(Click at the heading to download the font file)

Tengwar Elfica

Tengwar Elfica

Tengwar Elfica resembles a little bit Tengwar Beleriand but the tehtar as well as its tengwar are slight modified to give a different feel to the font. A good one.

Greifswalder Tengwar

Greifswalder Tengwar

Greifswalder Tengwar is different even in the name. It feels like a mixture of Armenian/Georgian alphabet to me. Its Tengwar are interestingly linked when written.



TengwarOptime (yes, altogether) is a block font, mechanic and it feels like a robot would write that way.

Elfic Caslin

Elfic Caslin

Surprise, surprise! A Tengwar font that is not called Tengwar! I love this one! It’s like a typewrite version of what Tengwar should look like. Perfect for writing newspaper!

Tengwar Formal

Tengwar Formal

Tengwar Formal is a very thin and elegant font. Its form is delicate and it reminds me a feminine calligraphy.

Tengwar Hereno

Tengwar Hereno

Tengwar Atari this one should be called! It’s definitely a font for old vintage computer games!


The test!

Middle Earth Ready

Can you read them as they are? Check below and see if your computer shows you the correct Tengwar fonts? If not, don’t despair! Follow the instructions here and get your PC elvish friendly!



`B zF1;E6


yR 5#4$




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10 responses to “Tengwar Fonts Guide 3

  1. kiwivimt

    For some reason, although all of the other fonts are working for me, the TengwarOptime does not. After checking, it is installed on my computer, and I can type easily with it in word. I don’t know what’s causing this, or if it is just a problem on my end, but I thought I would mention it just in case.

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  3. Clockwork Unit Zero

    I just confirmed these are all working on Ubuntu 13.04 and Firefox 23! Thanks!

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  5. Ondo Carniliono

    Wow, some of these are new to me!

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