Tengwar (Broken) Fonts Guide 4



The content below is slightly outdated. Check the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide where you can find all Tengwar Fonts there is right now including original and exclusive ones.

So far so good. We have had 18 Tengwar fonts compiled so far, excellent ones to choose from according to your taste BUT now, I present to you….the handicapped lil’ siblings, the Tengwar Broken Fonts. Why do I call them that way? Lots of reasons!

Well, to start with, whoever designed them didn’t follow the conventional Tengwar keyboard mapping. Not only that, some Tengwar fonts are missing…tengwar! Some are just little punctuation details some are extremely important. Is that it? NO. Some Tengwar fonts have an alternate different way of typing them altogether. I really think the intention when doing it might have been good, but it’s confusing once you get used with the real well-design and mapped Tengwar fonts.

Anyway, if you’re an advanced Tengwar writer, you should fare quite well with those “broken fonts”, if not….AVOID THEM! They won’t help you understand how Tengwar works, they won’t help you typing them even if they look like easier and it’s very very likely you end up with gibberish stuff and perhaps it’s not even your fault…it’s the font that is broken somehow.

This time I won’t add the links to download the fonts (they are no good for writing anyway) but if you still wanna get them…check the internet. It’s not hard to find those. Also, they will NEVER be used as written text in Quenya101, so don’t worry about being Middle-Earth ready too.  This is just an informative post well-fitted to be part of this Tengwar Fonts Guide series.

Tengwar Fonts Guides

Part I
(Annatar, Annatar Italics, Noldor, Gothika, Quenya & Sindarin)

Part II
(Beleriand, Eldamar, Galvorn, Mornedhel, Parmaite & Teleri)

Part III
(Elfica, Greifswalder, Optime, Caslin, Formal & Hereno)

Check the pangram image and most of the times it’ll be very clear why and where the Tengwar font is broken.

Tengwar Cursive

Tengwar Cursive

Tengwar Cursive is a tiny font with little problems to be honest. Punctuation most of the times. It’s easy to solve them making the font usable.

Tengwar Naive

Tengwar Naive

Tengwar Naive has got minor problems with punctuation too. The only big issue is the lack of the tengwar calma as you can see in the 4th line the word “Cuiviénello” written without C.


Tengwar Gandalf

Tengwar-Gandalf = HUGE problem. Alternate mapping, missing tengwar, one single tehtar position…it’s hard to use this one. Most people do….wrongly! The positive point is the stylish inverted lambë.

Tengwar Mazarbul

Tengwar Mazarbul

Tengwar Mazarbul feels like how an orc would (try) to write Tengwar. It’s pretty cool, except for the alternate mapping, all the missing stuff and the nonsense “C’s” full of dots. A pity.

Tengwar Typewriter

Tengwar Typewriter

Tengwar Typewriter has good intentions. It’s basically the alternate mapping that screws everything. It can be used with care and attention though.



This is the WORST of all. RSMorona is just a unorganized collection of symbols that follows nothing. Impossible to use unless, you don’t wanna make sense. Such a shame.

NO!...never ever!

NO!…never ever!

As said before, there’s no Middle-Earth ready test as the fonts above will never be used in Quenya101 texts (only images if ever).

Stay tuned for more….



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