When Biology Meets Elves…

Hey guys,
Sorry for the invasion, but I hope you’ll enjoy it and forgive me.
My name is Valië, I’m a biologist and also Ondo’s girlfriend (that’s why I’m stealing his post here), and I’m here
to tell you about how very special and important is this day.
Ok, so it’s 4/25, what’s so great about it? I’ll tell you what, 60 years ago, on 4/25, a very
important article was published that changed forever the way us humans see ourselves,
the other living beings and life itself!



You beautiful double-helix!

You beautiful double-helix!

60 years ago today the article on the structure of DNA was published! Happy Birthday you beautiful double helix!

And why is it so important? Well, DNA is a big complex protein that sits in the nucleus of
our every cell and pretty much controls everything about our lives. It tells us if we’re going
to be human beings or bananas, whether our hair will be red or black and if our cells will
have the right machines to do their jobs properly.
DNA means Deoxyribonucleic acid, and is made out of bases, our friends Adenine,
Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine. The sequence of bases on the DNA makes up
amynoacids (maybe someday I’ll tell you about them), that join together to form proteins.



But the DNA just sits there in the nucleus, you said! Yes, and that’s why we have our other
friend, RNA. RNA is Ribonucleic acid, and the difference is that it’s a single helix, not
double as DNA, and instead of Thymine, RNA has Uracile. This molecule is a copy of the
DNA sequence that can go out of the nucleus and send the message about what needs to
be done in the cell’s factories.
And what does any of that have to do with any of you guys there? Well, I just figured that,
since you’re all into different languages, maybe you’d like getting to know something about
the language, or the code, of life. Enjoy!

DNA & RNA - English

DNA & RNA – English

DNA & RNA Quenyanna

DNA & RNA Quenyanna

DNA & RNA Tengwar Quenyanna

DNA & RNA Tengwar Quenyanna




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11 responses to “When Biology Meets Elves…

  1. Chrissy

    Ohmygod. My inner Tolkien and bio major nerd just exploded everywhere.

  2. Manwe

    I was wondering why you can wrote down the biological term to Tengwar.
    AFAIK, Tolkien never wrote down Tengwar for biological term.. 😀

  3. Ramon Diedrich

    Great post specially cause Im a biology’s teacher! But how did creat the names to translate?

    Thanks!!! Can I use in slides of data-show? Its just great!

    • Ondo Carniliono

      Thank you!

      The translation process with be the subject of another post. But, basically, we de-constructed the names using etymologies and re-constructed them in Quenya.

      Yes, you can use ir for slides, as long as the credits are given correctly.

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