The end.

This is the end, my final friend, the end. Ainulindalë Quenyanna is officially finished. I took some prolonged vacations (too much time to be honest) of this project of mine, but now, here it is….THE end.

I thank everyone who is with me since its beginning, who is enjoying the ride and who liked the images, the text, the audio, it’s all there for you!

I’m happy and sad now. It’s fantastic to end such a complex project. It was tough and tiring sometimes. We all know how modern life sucks in any time we might have. I’m happy to have this mission accomplished (I didn’t know when I started if I could make it till the end) but it’s sad to know that this baby is never gonna be nurtured anymore. It’s already grown up! It’s gone! (Yes, my brain is weird sometimes….to quote Almárë at her Tumblr)

So, stay tuned at Ainulindalë section as there are a couple of paragraphs still to be written down and their audio to be released.

…and here is the final page of Ainulindalë Quenyanna…

reikland_paperPAGE8 THE END with watermark

I metta.




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10 responses to “…and…Ainulindalë…ends…

  1. Daviyd

    You can do it with adobe acrobat (it would be nice to do it like elvish.org did the Valaquenta, they put the pictures first, then the tengwar done with tengscribe, then the Quenya text in the English alphabet. Then the English translation) I also believe this can be done with Microsoft Word. I could do this if I had the original document(s) emailed to me. When I’m done I’ll email it back. 🙂

  2. Daviyd

    I came in at about page 5. Could you please make this a pdf document for downloading? This would be ‘I anna analta ilyo’! (I hope that is understood as ‘the greatest gift of all’. If it’s wrong I’ve only just started to learn Quenya)

  3. Ondo Carniliono

    Congratulations, meldonya! I remember the beginning of the project, with your posts on Twitter, with the lines numbered and I remember stalking you and copying the translations and saving on my computer. Then the birth of quenya101.tumblr.com and mentioning the project to some friends. And also of friends mentioning they were impressed about it! And finally it comes to an end. It is a bit sad, as it was a huge and fantastic project. Once again, congratulations! You did it! Now, go open a beer and salute Tolkien, because wherever he is, he is smiling at you!

    • You were there! Long time, you were there! I remember exactly everything. Time has passed and we are now at the end…Everything ends!

      Tell those friends, tell like Frodo: “It’s done!”

      (And what a nice thought to have Tolkien smiling…..)

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