e Giorgia, sempre insieme!

Alice Rebecca Farina

Alice Rebecca Farina

Ciao, i miei amici! I come before thee this night to celebrate the fraternal love shown between these two Italian sisters, Alice and Giorgia! Above you can see one of them. Alice is a Quenya101 old follower and she got her name composed etymologically into Quenya here a long time ago.

Well, if you are used with Quenya101 posts, now you must have already realized this is a post about a tattoo. Yes…that’s right, but the cool thing is: Alice didn’t get any tattoo. She didn’t get her name tattooed anywhere her skin. HER SISTER did!!!!!

Giorgia Vittoria Farina

Giorgia Vittoria Farina

Absolutely lovely! A laudable act one should be proud of! From now on, Giorgia will be known here as The One Who Loves Her Sister. Alongside The OneThe One In Female FormThe One With The LightThe One With The ForceThe One With The BirdiesThe One With The TimeThe One With Things To Be Seen & The One With Ainulindalë she’s taken her place in this select group. She deservers all honors! Now behold the reason she does so:



Arnostalë 2

Perfetto, bambina!





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