Valar Poker

Poker_FaceCzysteMaybe you’re not a lover of playing cards, but one must recognize playing cards are the most famous and common card game there is out there and it’s been around for a long time now. There are countless regional variants of different games, different ways to play them with different amount of cards, but from Alaska to New Zealand, from Vladivostok to Easter Island people know and play Poker which is worldwidely spread, analyzed and written about. Recently I bought some well adorned playing cards from the Bicycle Alchemy 77 & Anne Strokes collection and by mere chance I stumbled upon a creation of Gerwell which introduces the Valar & Maiar to the Poker game.



Anne Strokes

Anne Strokes

Gerwell’s playing cards art (shown below) is lovely, giving the Valar & others an unique style. If you collect playing cards, play them a lot and love the game, this is an interesting item to acquire (printing or something like that). I’ll consider that eventually!

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The only detail I would change in this set of playing cards is…..Tengwar! (Of course…you know, it’s me!) It wouldn’t be practical but it’d be damn cool to have Poker cards with number written in Quenya and perhaps custom tengwar for the JQK cards. I can’t think of custom Tolkien-related suits but it must not be hard to come up with some. Silmarilli could be used instead of Diamonds, Two Trees instead of Clubs…wait! It seems I can think of some custom suits! 🙂

Anyway here the images which Gerwell used to create the Valar Poker cards:

Praise belongs to Gerwell! If you want more info about this Valar Poker cards, check his Tumblr!!!



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6 responses to “Valar Poker

  1. Ondo Carniliono

    We really should! It’s been a good while I don’t play, though.

    We don’t have it here, sadly… And I’m curious now about one. I’ll check Amazon! Hantanyel!

  2. Oh please, tell me that I can buy that Valar poker cards somewhere. It’s awesome 😉

    • I would buy it for sure! A simple item but full of “magic” within it! I mean…imagine winning with a pair of Morgoth and Manwë!

      Arda shall be ruled by this Poker deck! 😀

  3. Ondo Carniliono

    Fantastic! I love playing carda and I miss my weekly poker games with friends… Both Alchemy and Anne Strokes cards are wonderful (where can I get them?) and the Valar one…. Woooow!

    • I didn’t know you played Poker, man! We should play together if we have the chance to.

      I bought mine at a Poker store. They have everything you can dream of about Poker! I don’t know if you got those kind of stores in Brazil, but you can try looking for it online. Perhaps Amazon will ship it. That’s quite possible.

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