Quenya Basic Verbs Table

action-verbsPlain, simple, easy to see, easy to get, here is a basic table with 24 Quenya verbs (just a small amount) showing you all we had discussed in the last 2 previous posts. This may look a little daunting, mainly if you only speak English, but with practice, practice and practice, you’ll get used with it pretty quickly. (unless you don’t like languages or have little skill with them)

I brought some essential verbs like “to love”, “to speak”, “to see” as well as some “twin verbs” like melë/merë, tulë/turë & hanya/harya. It’s good to compare them. Also, pay attention to the verbs that are alike. (fir-, hir-, lir-) They show you how that particular kind of verb behaves when it comes to irregular forms. For instance, the verb tirë (to watch) is not on this list, but all tools are given here for you to conjugate it with some amount certainty.

Behold where verbs are irregular (that’s important) and draw your own conclusions about the irregularities. Interesting to say is: they make sense! Father Tolkien is definitely a hell of a genius!

By the way….all irregular forms are written in bold. Click on the image to enlarge it and check’em out:




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2 responses to “Quenya Basic Verbs Table

  1. Very very useful! Thank you!

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