Not all those who wander are lost 4

He did it TOO!

Fernando Tadeu Ginez Fabretti

Fernando Tadeu Ginez Fabretti

For the 4th time, I come here before ye all, to praise a Tolkiendil who permanently and most poetically had that immortal saying marked on his skin. Fernando from Brazil (holy shit! His hometown is my girl’s!!!!) has become part of the club, the exclusive Quenya101 club. From now on he shall be known here as The One Who Wanders In Brazil. Alongside The OneThe One In Female FormThe One With The LightThe One With The ForceThe One With The BirdiesThe One With The TimeThe One With Things To Be SeenThe One With Ainulindalë & The One Who Loves Her Sister. Behold his ink:

Not all those who wander are lost Fernando

Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir


A cool guy from a cool place and with lots of things in common. While checking some photos of his, I realized the guy plays Flag Football! Amazing! I never thought there was such an organized Flag in Brazil!


I don’t know why, when, how is he playing it, he never talked to me before about it. It looks like he’s a cornerback from most of the pics I saw. I’d love if he could tell here about that (I’m really curious). Also….I’m dying to know if there’s any chance he knows my girlfriend? She lives where he lives! Great coincidence! Anyway….

Flag 3

It’s a Tattoo Touchdown




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3 responses to “Not all those who wander are lost 4

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  2. Ondo Carniliono

    Your girlfriend is from São Bernardo, isn’t she?

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