Masto (Canada)

For the first time, we have a continent! North America (or should I say Formenya América) is complete! Canada, the big icy brother, was the missing map, but now it’s no more.

Canada map was very easy, unlike other maps already made here. Few provinces, most of their names were English based, a little bit of native languages, and the results were quick and easy to get.


One or two names may be debatable (Québec was a hard one for instance). I was very tempted to let the name of the country as Canata or something like that, but etymology spoke louder and I chose to follow what the word kanata has to offer.

Canada Quenya

Don’t forget to check the whole maps collection at Eldar Ambaressë page. Click the links below the countries flags and follow the elven path. Maybe you’ll be granted the sea road to Valinor!

Canada Tengwar



Formenya América (North America)



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7 responses to “Masto (Canada)

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  2. I love it! Thanks so much for doing this:)!

  3. Daviyd

    Do South Africa,
    but use the old names (they can be translated!)
    Transvaal= over the grey river.
    Natal = Christmas in Portuguese.
    Orange Free State= what it says!
    Cape of good hope = I think Cape in this case means ‘a shore or beach’.

    • Ok, I will do it.

      South Africa’s the next!

      I don’t know what you mean exactly by “old names” but when I sit down to compose it, maybe I’ll look for your help. Thank you!

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