Eärendil comes and sails away


Eärendil doesn’t stop! Now it’s time to visit another places, check another languages. Resuming from our previous post, let’s listen different native people speaking their languages (through the use of Google Translator tool) and compare how close that pronunciation is to actual Quenya. Don’t forget: The word we take for our ride is Eärendil!

(While you read this guide, go to http://translate.google.com type Eärendil and listen each language mentioned below! A cool and easy tool to aid you with phonetics)


3 stars

No big surprise as Italian is a Latin based language like Quenya is. We got a good pronunciation of RENDIL here.


2 stars

German has a solid Quenya-like vowels resemblance, but the advantage stops there. Consonants are another matter. We got a good ENDIL here.


2 stars

Dutch sounds like German (ok, that’s a superficial view) and for Quenya phonetics, Dutch behaves the same way as German too. There’s an ENDIL there and nothing more.


1 star

No, no. Russian is just not meant for Quenya. They wouldn’t get along. I heard a good REN even though the stress is absolutely different.


4 stars

Fantastic surprise! Hungarian nailed 99% of the word! It’s ÄRENDIL straight up man! A pity the initial E is too open for Quenya standards.


4 stars

Spanish deserves a 5-star rate! Its phonetics is excellent for Quenya! Unfortunately, there’s a lil’ slip with the ERENDIL we hear there. Perhaps some regional variant wouldn’t miss the ä.

Wait! It’s not over yet! Eärendil is a mariner, he likes travelling and won’t stop his voyage just now! Stay tuned and sail away with him in the next episode of….

Eärendil around the World!

Eärendil around the world



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6 responses to “Eärendil comes and sails away

  1. Kashmir McClean

    Can youy please help me. I can not find my password to get back in.

    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 03:28:47 +0000 To: kashmir_mcclean@hotmail.com

  2. And I’m here with my Russian again. 😛 You wouldn’t pronounce it like GT does. Every single letter should be pronounced, “ea” like in English “sneak” is a complete nonsense (I’m embarrassed :c We love pronouncing all the sounds). And the stress would go to the last syllable.
    That’s why I’m afraid that other languages may sound not much better for a native speaker. :/ But Hungarian isn’t a surprise since it’s somewhat close to Finnish… 😉

    • See? This only adds to my opinion that any online instant translator and all its resources is still not good enough no matter how advanced technology has got so far!

      The real thing is always better!

      Well, Hungarian is a surprise to me at least, as it`s quite unknown to my ears.

      • Yes, I agree completely, technology still isn’t advanced enough to replace the real language knowledge!

        • I’m not sure when or IF one day it’ll be. It’s the Human element no machine can replace. We’re not gifted to create something as well designed as our human brain. It’s an unique masterpiece.

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