Eärendil finds his harbour

Eärendil around the worldHe did it! Eärendil did it! This is the last part of ‘Eärendil series’ where we sailed around Google Translator listening to several languages pronunciation of this single Quenya word Eärendil and comparing it to Quenya phonetics. Which one is the closest of all? Follow this ride and find what Eärendil has found! Surprised or not, you’ll be aided to keep in mind the correct Quenya pronunciation! 

(While you read this guide, go to http://translate.google.com type Eärendil and listen each language mentioned below! A cool and easy tool to aid you with phonetics)


4 stars

Portuguese shares many phonemes with Spanish and that contributed for a high rate here. We got EÄRENDI here, so almost on the spot!


4 stars

Oh yeah, baby! Norwegian got a solid pronunciation like Hungarian did. The first E is too open, but we got ÄRENDIL pretty good.


2 stars

Well, as long as Far-East is concerned, Korean is good! It has firm vowels and some consonants stand up for the task. We got a ÄREND in Korea!


2 stars

That’s another language I know nothing about and have never heard before. I can’t say more about its phonetics but in this exercise, we have a RENDI here.


4 stars

4 stars? Really? YES! Greek kicks ass! Quenya was based on Greek after all. But there’s a trick because of the alphabet. You gotta type Εαρεντιλ (Earentil) so you can hear EÄRENDIL. See? Whole word!!! Unfortunately, the stress is not correct, otherwise it’d be a 5-star!


5 stars

Obviously, Eärendil finishes his tour in the land of the Finns! Finnish got it all! Pronunciation, stress. This is IT! It IS Quenya pronunciation of 


Eärendil finishes





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2 responses to “Eärendil finds his harbour

  1. Daviyd

    I knew it!

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