The Hobbit 2 Tease Trailer released!


Yesterday! All our anxieties and anticipations started to rise suddenly with the release of the tease trailer of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! Right now it’s just a 1-day old tease trailer, but due to its inherent viral qualities, you may have already watched 859 times. So, here’s one more for your count (because we know travelling to Tolkien’s Middle-Earth it’s never enough). We want to live there!

Mirkwood, spiders, Dol Guldur, Radagast again….

Share with us: What makes you drool about this coming movie?




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8 responses to “The Hobbit 2 Tease Trailer released!

  1. Giovanni Sellaro

    Assisti ao trailer ontem e não vejo a hora do filme chegar aos cinemas! Pra mim, a cena mais esperada é com certeza a dos anões fugindo da Floresta Negra dentro de barris… quando li o livro, em criança, lembro que me diverti muito com essa passagem em especial.

  2. Can I rather share what makes me scared? XD It’s Beorn. If it was him — there, in the trailer — then… oh my dear Eru, what did they do to him.
    And Tauriel… the idea is ok, after all, it seems fair that they needed some more female characters. But they could have chosen a better actress… It’s the same as with Arwen-Tyler in LOTR — she looks like if she never read Tolkien at all. She doesn’t look like an elf (rather like a man — woman — who just got pointy ears) and, even worse, she doesn’t ACT, speak like an elf. They both seem really…vulgar. That makes me frustrated. Probably you won’t understand, but… never mind then. There were only few people who had the same feeling for these two girls, like me…
    But if there’s something that makes me want to see it RIGHT NOW — it’s Martin Freeman. His Bilbo is SO freaking awesome. I couldn’t even imagine a better image of Bilbo, I love him. =^.^=

    • I understand you. As actress, I don’t like that much Liv Tyler nor the excessive attention given to Arwen who was promoted in the story for making a better “movie device”. Also, Cate Blanchett is a very good actress but it bugs me that picture of rock solid frigid Galadriel. My Galadriel comes from Silmarillion and he’s feisty, if you know what I mean.

      Tauriel? Yerggghhh. I don’t know what to think about it. I really don’t. I wanna see the whole movie, scene by scene and THEN I will definitely have a position about this BRAND-NEW character.

      Martin Who??? I guess you are mistaken lady. His name is B-I-L-B-O! There’s no Martin Freeman! Only a hobbit from the Shire called Bilbo Baggins! 😀

    • Cillendor

      What’s wrong with Beorn? He’s just a freaking huge bear. In the book, the Dwarves were warned (by Gandalf or Beorn, I can’t recall) not to go outside at night because he might attack them indiscriminately. He sounds almost like a werewolf in that sense. My guess is they’re playing off that for the movie and having the Company actually try to go outside, only to confront the very thing they were supposed to avoid.

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