Due to my strong link with Brazil I needed to post this! I got friends there, I have visited the places several times, my girl is from there (she’s in Belo Horizonte now), etc… I’d like to share it, contribute with my Quenya and dedicate it to the Brazilian riots happening in there now.

We have already occupied Mordor here, and even though I’m not that political riot person, I have an empathy with the people there! It’s a valid situation. Things suck and they are fed up with it. I don’t know exactly where the process gonna lead them, but if you’re not happy DO something! Make your voice heard and change what needs to be changed!

Today, I recommend all of you who are not aware what’s going on in Brazil, to read the news, to spread the cause, to share it! Bad governments are there simply to be disposed of! Egypt had its time, Libya did too recently, Argentina in the 2000’s, now wakie wakie Brazil!

And don’t forget, don’t get mislead….

Umis i 20 telepso

Umis i 20 telepso


Sorry if this is not the most Tolkienian post ever and sorry if you hate political stuff (I do too), but sometimes we all need to wake up a bit and face the real world! Á mahta, Hrasil!



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12 responses to “$0.20

  1. Lauro

    Thanks for the videos. I have been following this in the news, but the coverage has never mentioned the waste of money on the cup and the Olympics as related to the current public anger.

  2. Giovanni Sellaro

    thanks for the support! we’ll be on the streets tomorrow again!

  3. Ondo Carniliono

    PS: wow, that an old coin! From Which currency it is? (Not real, as it was adopted in 1994 or 1995)

    • Well,….I don’t know. I just picked it up. It’s a good old big 20, that’s why I chose it.

      Ismael lectures about Brazilian currency here. Check that out.

  4. Ondo Carniliono

    Wow, this was a fantastic surprise! I’m happy to see your support in this fantastic (and weird) movement that is happening here. I myself have not gone to any riot due to final tests, but I totally support it and Many of my friends have gone and said it was beautiful to see so many people together fighting for somthing! Á mahta, Hrasil!

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing this brazilian cause! But, as I see in your blog some kind of worship for accuracy and, as a brazilian, I must say that the used illustration coin is outdated! For information purposes, it’s 20 cents from 1986, which represents 20 cents of “Cruzado” (Cz$). The brazilian coin changed four times since then: to “Cruzado Novo” (NCz$), “Cruzeiro” (Cr$), “Cruzeiro Real” (CR$), and, since 1994, the current “Real” (R$). In “Real”, the 20 cents coin no longer exists. The only ones are: 1, 10, 25 and 50 cents. So perhaps you should have used a pair of 10 cents (R$0,10) coins. 😀

    • Well, I knew that the coin I chose is old (1986). I didn’t know there was such a messy currency change and I don’t understand why, but well….it happens, I guess!

      I just wanted a symbol when I thought about the image I made. I wanted ONE symbol, ONE icon, ONE thing that would translate the ignition for the demonstrations in Brazil. And this ONE symbol is perfectly represented by a 20 cents coin.

      If it were two coins….well, today’s currency would be accurately represented, but the number is not 10+10 cents….I wanted a BIG round 20!

      That’s why my choice.

  6. Ramon Diedrich

    THAT´S my country! It´s the BIG one here! I live in the south part of the country, capital name “Florianópolis” (Erunno, be my guest anytime!). The problem here is that we, brazilians, we are crazy about the corruption, high taxes and no return in health, education and public transports with quality. We are pissed off with everything specially the politicians. It is impossible see politics envolved with corruption and still charge. With the time, we get the “ironic way” about the situations. But the jokes is no more. Time to go to the street and shout “enough”. That´s our goal. See our wonderful country growing with our hands, no more politician fuckin us all.

    Verás que um filho teu não foge à luta!
    Salve Brasil!

    • Once, I almost visited your city with my girl. We had plans to travel to Rio de Janeiro or Florianópolis or Buenos Aires….Well, Buenos Aires won as I’m a big Argentina lover! She likes it too. One day, we’ll visit you though!

      Politics sucks!

      There are many mottos full of truth that comes to my mind right now. One, for instance is: “united we stand”. That’s the spirit, you know. Be united as a people heading towards a goal and you can!

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