Almárë Speaks: Namárië

I recently recorded myself reciting the poem Namárië, or Altariel Nainië Lóriendessë.

It’s not perfect (far from it I imagine), but it was fun to do and now I’m more familiar with the audio software perhaps I’ll do some more recordings of various things (if anyone has any requests, do let me know).

Á lasta sís: Namárië.

The stress pattern I attempted to follow was (long vowels are written with double vowels instead of accents):

al-ta-ri-ELL-o  NAI-ni-e   loo-ri-en-DESS-ë

AI!   LAUR-i-e   LANT-ar   LASS-I   SUU-ri-nen

YEE-ni   uu-NOO-ti-me   ve   RAA-mar   ALD-ar-on

YEE-ni   ve   LINT-e   YULD-ar   a-VAAN-i-er

mi   o-ro-MARD-I   LISS-e   mi-ru-VOO-re-va

an-DUU-ne   PEL-la   VAR-do   TEL-lu-mar

nu   LUIN-i   YASS-en   TINT-il-ar   i   EL-en-i

oo-MA-ryo   ai-re-TAA-ri   LII-ri-nen

SII   man   I   YUL-ma   nin   en-QUAN-tu-va

an   sii   tint-ALL-e   VAR-da   oi-o-LOSS-e-o

ve   FA-nyar   MAA-ryat   el-en-TAA-ri   ORT-a-ne

ar   I-lye   TI-er   un-du-LAA-ve   LUMB-u-le

ar   sin-da-noor-i-ELL-o   CAI-ta   MORN-i-e

I   fal-ma-LINN-ar   IMB-e   met   ar   HII-thi-e

un-TUU-pa   ca-la-CI-ryo   MII-ri   OI-a-le

sii   VAN-wa   NAA   roo-MELL-o   VAN-wa


na-MAAR-i-e   NAI   hi-ru-VA-lye   VAL-i-mar

NAI   E-lye   HI-ru-va   na-MAAR-i-e





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2 responses to “Almárë Speaks: Namárië

  1. Lauro

    Quetalye mai. Hantanye lyen.

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