Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico (Republic of South Africa)

AFRIKAThe very first African country Quenya map debuts today in Quenya101! Daviyd requested this country and I thought it would be pretty hard as South Africa has many official languages (11) and perhaps many and many provinces, states or regions…well, I wasn’t aware of South Africa’s province divisions, but to my surprise; it was easy easy! Few states, most of them, simple names in English. Phewww, I dodged the bullet!

Without further delay, I present to you South Africa!

South Africa

Sweet! We got three capes, one state, one with just compass directions and four that deserved some research! South Africa was gentle and nice to me!

South Africa Quenya

Just for the record: Afarica was based in the supposed derivation of the Latin word AFRICA from the Arabic word afar “dust,  earth” even though this line of thought is easily arguable.

South Africa Tengwar

Here we got Afarico due to the genitiva case suffix -o. So, Hyarmenya Afarica = South Africa, but Republic of South Africa = Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico.

Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico

Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico

If you wish to check other countries and their maps already converted to “elvish geography” check the Eldar Ambaressë page and click in some countries’ names there.

If you wish to request a specific country, be my guest! As long as you have tons and tons of patience and willingness to help me in case the regional words are beyond my linguistic skill, you’re welcome to ask anything! I’m here to serve you!





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7 responses to “Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico (Republic of South Africa)

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  2. Lauro

    Sina quetta, “Afarico” linda hlarë na. Ëpe i quetta “Afarico” linda hlarë, i quetta “Hrasil” linda hlarë. Manen sinë quettar istalyë carë/finta?

  3. Ondo Carniliono

    This will surely help on my trip to South Africa next week!

  4. Daviyd

    Thank you very much!
    Today I learned something about the land of my birth!

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