Summer Vacation XIV 141


For the first time, Quenya101 will be on vacation during Summer. Previously, as I lived in a colder region of the country, I didn’t mind Summer vacation at all (actually I don’t like Summer). Now, as I moved this February due to my job, Summer is a pretty big different thing in the south. Not that my taste have changed about it, but there’s cool promising features in my Summer this time. What changes here during vacation? Check below:


  • All posts will be paused for the whole month of July. They’re gonna be back in August.

Fast Line

  • FAST LINE requests will not be answered in 101 hours as it’s done regularly. If you wish to donate and use FAST LINE, you still can; but have in mind that it’ll take 1 month so they come back to normal. What does that mean? For instance, if you donate in 07/10, your request will effectively start counting only in 08/10.
  • Regular lines are gonna be focused more than often. This is beneficial to all those waiting a long time in line. Without posts, my attention is all turned to that part where so many people are patiently waiting for their turn.

That’s it. Have a nice sweat this Summer!




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6 responses to “Summer Vacation XIV 141

  1. inyourgaze

    If I submit a request on August 1st, will it be answered in the 101 hours? Thank you!

  2. Emily

    I donated to fastline at the end of June with the request for a phrase for a tattoo. Will I have to wait also? You didn’t mention June. Do you think I can get this before August?

    • If you donated before July, 1st, you’ll get your request answered within the regular 101 hours. Actually, right now, your request is already answered. Check the appropriate page and you’ll see it there.

  3. Ata S. Mirza

    Enjoy your holiday!

    • Thank you! I am right now! I’m playing some board games with newly founded groups. Pretty cool! Nice relaxing hobby to get your mind outta this world!

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