Old Menu

And by that I mean: “We’re back!”

Not only that. Fast Line is back, everything renewed with a whole NEW menu to make it easier for new people finding their paths around here.

New menu

As you can see above, Quenya101 got a cleaner look with fewer stuff (just at first glance, the whole content is not changed) and I hope it gets more intuitive to browse and find things here. For instance: “I’m new, I have just found out the site and where can I ask you things to be translated?” Now we got an ASK in the menu! Or “I love the language and I can’t wait to learn more! Where can I do it?” LEARN button it is!

This idea sprung from a glimpse I had during this summer vacations. I played a lot of board games and formed a new playing group. I realized while teaching them new games that Internet has changed people in a way so deep that we ALL need more easy-to-grasp answers and solutions while navigating through uncharted territories (a new board game rules for instance)

I brought this new learnt lesson to Quenya101 menu and Voilà! That’s what we got!

I hope you’re happy with it because I’m happy to be back!





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4 responses to “Entullelmë!

  1. Em Vanesky

    I put in a fast line request at end of July and still haven’t gotten anything…

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Daviyd

    Welcome back! alassenyë ceniesselyë!

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