Listen “i metta Ainulindalë Quenyannava”

And with that, we finish our beloved project. Now, all Tolkien fans have the whole Ainulindalë meticulously translated into the mother tongue of the Elves of Valinor.


If you are new to Quenya101 site, check the Listen tab in the Menu above and you can listen this and much more in Quenya. Great help to learn phonetics and get your progress going faster than just reading about sounds.



If you are an old friend of Quenya101 site, here’s a little treat for you. Many people have asked me that, many times in the past, but I never ever have shared this into one single file. Now, that everything is said and done, here I give to you all, the master file with the 307 lines of Ainulindalë Quenyanna. Click on the image below:

8 pages for post WM

Please, please I just ask that you handle this gift of mine with care. Do not alter it nor share it without due credits. I don’t ask you money for that, I’m not selling anything, I did it for free and I did it for pleasure! I hope you have pleasure with that too.






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