Tengwar Kanji 4 動物

Adding to the custom made and original series of Quenya101 (you can check part 1, 2 & 3 here), I bring to you new Tengwar Kanji to expand the collection and continue the exercise of shaping Tengwar in unprecedented ways.

This time, let’s have some Kanji for the most important animals in Tolkien’s word as well as a complete gallery of what we have designed so far.



Animal #1 of course, the eagle is the herald of Manwë and many Maiar took that form when entered Arda. The Kanji evokes its beak and talons (in a way).



Another bird strongly associated with the elves, mainly the Teleri. This Kanji brings the delicate shape of a swan body with its plumes and beak to the Tengwar writing.



An animal much used by mortal man, the Horse Kanji depicts the strength of the horse legs muscles along with the saddle on top showing the deep connection with its tamed nature.



Also known as snake or dragon (not winged), this animal is strongly associated with the Enemy and it was used by him in wars and battles throughout the ages. It shows the dust below its belly and as well as its head with fangs ready for the attack.

Now the gallery with the 25 Tengwar Kanji already published and shared here in Quenya101. Do you have what it takes to know them by heart and memory alone?




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3 responses to “Tengwar Kanji 4 動物

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  2. I’m so confused! I guess it’d help if I knew Japanese.

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