Use your imagination on a large table!

And here we are, resuming our Top 10 LotR Board Games! Now we have…


The Lord of the Rings: Tabletop Battle Game


Tabletop battle game


Choose to play the forces of good or evil and recreate some of the most memorable battles on Middle Earth.

A hobby more than a game much along the lines of Games Workshop’sWarhammer Series. This game is much smaller, simpler, and random than theWarhammer Series.

Battles are resolved with simple D6 rolls with the highest roll winning, individual stats only used to decide ties.

Games Workshop supports this game strongly, with a wide miniature range and a large set of expansions.

Absolutely an awesome game for the ones who love diorama, painting and got the talent (not me of course) for such a thing! There are so many cool images of this game, it makes hard to choose some to share here. Once I saw this at a store and almost bought it, but when I read in the box what was about, I knew this wasn’t for me! It happens!

to be continued…




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