Engravers of the precious Ring: “Angela, today, tomorrow, forever”

CrispinYou know too well that people ask me stuff here and I answer them. Eventually, some use the translation for arts, tattoos and now it came to engravings! Super cool!

Answering my requests, Crispin Hill turned back and gave me the best “thank you” I could get! IMAGES! I share with you the token of Crispin’s love full of that same elvish alphabet we love a lot called Tengwar!

(I quite sure there’s an Angela out there pretty happy and loved as this precious ring shows publicly)

Crispin ring


Aini, síra,…


Crispin ring 1



Crispin ring 2



What about you? Have you got your elvish ink? Some art? Anything? Please show us, share here and we’ll be delighted to spread the beauties of what you’ve done!

Thank you for the images, Crispin!





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6 responses to “Engravers of the precious Ring: “Angela, today, tomorrow, forever”

  1. Crispin

    It’s a pleasure to share back with you the fruits of your work. Myself and Ange are absolutely delighted with the results. Just need to remember to avoid anything that might scratch it now!

  2. Bojana Bohinjac

    This is my tattoo. One and only. I’m so proud of it. I couldn’t have come up with it without the help of your blog. Thank you! 🙂

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