Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo (Commonwealth of Australia)

And the Elvish Cartographer (a.k.a. Quenya101) attacks again! After we completed the maps for North America why shifting the compass and head a little bit south? Birds migrate every year heading south and this year it seems to me, I’ll take this route too! South it is!

Australia map below was extremely easy to compose into Quenya. States got simple names, all in English so quick and painless, I present to you: Hyarmenórë!



The only name which took me a little research was Tasmania. It’s based on the name of the first one who discovered it and due to the sm cluster, Tasmania was adpated to Tammanya following the phonetic evolutionary rules of Quenya, i.e. SM > MM in medial clusters.

Australia Quenya


Hyarmenya Hyarmenórë seems TOO MUCH souths involved but, well that’s really what it means “South Australia”. It’s English/Latin redundant, so let it be in Quenya too!

Australia Tengwar


I hope enjoy the land of Oz and don’t forget to check other countries as well here. If yours is not there, just ask it here and it’ll be a pleasure to compose it for you!

Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo

Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo




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