Facebook 2.0 (Elvish like a Boss)

Quenya Facebook logoWDo you remember when we created our Facebook campaign? It’s been a year and let’s renew it with the release of not one but several Facebook covers for you, Tolkien fan and crazy for Quenya!

Quite simple! Grab the images below and use them as you wish! Spread them, share, like, whatever you feel like! It’s a lil’ gift for you! (even though mommy says don’t accept things with elvish writing from strangers, specially rings)

So, here we go:

Quenya Gothic Pointers

AP2When you feel basic.

LK – Lembas King

LKWhen you feel hungry.


LailócëWhen you feel like partying.

Elvish Love

Elvish LoveWhen you feel in love.

White Trees

WTWhen you feel artistic.


AntaparmaWhen you feel social.


IngolëWhen you feel smart.

Cup of coffee

YávaWhen you feel you need caffeine!

Quenya Facebook




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10 responses to “Facebook 2.0 (Elvish like a Boss)


    I am Korean.
    Do not speak English well.
    Translation by Google Translator I’d like to ask you \
    Please understand, even broken English
    Trying to carve the tattoo on my body
    But I do not know tengwar.
    You seem to be very professional about the tengwar.

    Please translate the following sentences into tengwar.

    Love my wife and family,

    Please email us a picture file

    My mail is hwakwang12@naver.com

    Thank you.

    Far Away in this passionate fan of Korea to respect you

  2. Megan

    So, I’m having a bit of trouble translating the first cover image up there. Can I get some help?

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