Quenya 1st Class: Lesson 2 starts NOW!

It’s with great happiness that although delayed, I present to you the 2nd lesson of our exclusive Quenya101 Basic Course!

The adjectives!

Everyone already enrolled in the class, please email me to get the new password for this class. When you email me, please tell when you got yourself enrolled. That info will help me.


As Lesson 1, this 2nd lesson will bring a dialogue (already there), grammar detailed explanations about the point being analyzed, vocabulary expansions, exercises and this particular lesson will also feature a very important orthographic/phonetic reminder about Quenya and Tengwar.


I wanna be explicity honest with you all and apologize for the delay in the releasing of this lesson. 2013 was a very nasty year! Growing pains.


Anyway, read AND listen the dialogue of lesson 2 at Quenya101 Basic Course right now! Let’s keep learning and improving our dear beloved Quenya!

Lesson 2 Dialogue





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2 responses to “Quenya 1st Class: Lesson 2 starts NOW!

  1. could I have the password for lesson 2 please?

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