Kornography Pangram

I’m publishing this post for a possible sponsor (Robson Pereira) I got who might develop Tengwar Kornography as a regular font. That’d be pretty cool and I hope he can do it. When and if, I get the final results of his work, I’ll definitely share this brand new Tengwar font (unlike Marcin Przybys who created a nice font, Tengwar New and HE DOESN’T SHARE IT! 😦  ). Quenya101 is completely different! What I do, I do for you and to you! Enjoy!

Kornography Pangram

This Quenya Pangram shown here was created by me and originally posted here. You can check its meaning as well as words pronunciation.

Tengwar Kornography Keyboard Mapping

Tengwar Kornography Keyboard Mapping




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2 responses to “Kornography Pangram

  1. Having the letters match to sound rather than appearance or order would make this most useful! Thank you for the update!

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