An open letter written with flaming passion!


We’re all different! We all have different lives, different experiences, different upbringing, nobody is like nobody! Even though all that aspects, living beings such as we are (and that includes also the elves, dwarves, hobbits, etc…), have a powerful feeling in common: LOVE! We know that word. We’re absolute unique different beings, but we all know that particular feeling. We have the power to feel it, to develop it and to act according to its way.

Here, you all know my love and how I act towards it! Quenya is my #1 passion and I can’t help it but to spread and do whatever I can love-spells4to help others acquire the same feeling and/or enhance what they already think about it.

Recently, I have received an email which stood out and shone forth a ray of warm light to my heart. I talked to the sender and she agreed to share her rays of light with all Quenya101 audience. It’s passion, it’s love in written form. It deserves to be read and to be reflected upon. You may not agree with one or other opinion, but it’s undeniable the absolute presence of ….love!

And here it begins:

Most esteemed Erunno,

It is my distinct pleasure to meet you ………  I was just ‘led’ to your excellent site yesterday and have just received your Q101 email.

……..   and it is truly my pleasure to receive this, which thou hast so lovingly given to us ……   a gift incomparable!  Rest easy in thy bed, my friend, for thy Secret  Words of Power (Password) are safe within mine keeping and shall go with me to my death and beyond.

Per your request:    I reside now in the United States (Florida).  My husband Mark and I live in a quiet community by the ocean, and although much younger than the other retired residents here, find the peace and solitude much to be thankful for,  as I spend most of my time in seclusion and deep meditation.  It is quite like living in the Shire with a bunch of stodgy, old Hobbitses !  🙂

I have, since a very early age,  been totally and completely taken by the works of Master Tolkien.  As I write this to you now, the Complete Symphonic Soundtrack of LOTR’s is playing majestically  in the background.    I take the Master’s work very seriously, having been a devoted student of Spirituality and Metaphysics all my life (and of having memories of before this current birth as well – but that is another story).  Therefore I can certainly see strains of Great Truth in his works, and feel that the world now is in desperate need of the remembrance of the “Olde Ways”.    Human’s are not the only elevated beings living on/in/under our Earth …..  She is Sacred  –  not solely consisting of atoms and molecules as the scientists are trying so hard to make us believe.

I feel too that Master Tolkien was/is an Istari – incarnate in human form- possibly even Mithrandir himself, but none-the-less, a gift from the Valar, sent on mission to start the awakening of men’s minds to the greater reality.   He laid the seeds in the 70’s ……….. and they have sprouted and are becoming great Trees of Wisdom and Remembrance, whose roots are growing into the mass-consciousness mind via the media and the movies.  In this way, his teachings are reaching people who would never have come to know more than just the materialistic side of modern life.   Mark and I shall be seeing the Desolation of Smaug next Wednesday, a week from today.   So glad to see that Legolas Greenleaf will be making his usual grand, flying-leap entrance!

And now, in this time of the Earth years …..  you have come along to help also, to carry on  the Quenya, an important piece of this monumental work !   Great gratitude to you.  I feel that, with each of us who walk the face of the planet and can speak outloud the sounds of the Elvish tongue, that helps to charge the atmosphere with spiritual essence – therefore  the Quendi are being freed from the fetters of our disbelief in them, and can proudly begin to walk upon this Earth in Spirit once again, as the elder brother of mankind … regal in Their bearing and great in Their knowledge of the Ancient Ones.

I too, have heard the Calling of the Quendi, for the voice of an elvin priestess began to visit me in 2008 with a journey into Their worlds within.  I have faithfully recorded that which has been given, and am making it into a novel.  I feel it is time for humans to know the truth of the Inner/Subtle Worlds….  for they have a lot of re-thinking to do if we are going to make this Earth into the paradise She was meant to be.   Maybe my small contribution can help.  The Faeries/Elves (Faelins) have guided me to your doorstep that I may know more of Them by Their language. So, l have spoken the words of the Spelle of Opening …. and you have answered.  Bless you.

Must close for now,

May you too be lifted up upon the wings of the Great Eagle, to soar in the flights of Oromardi and dream of the Lighted Ones who came before.

Namarie, Nai hiruvalye Valimar.
Nail elye hiryva. Namarie !

Kiessa Kementari

As I said, you may not agree with her vision and beliefs (and that’s natural, as we’re all different, remember?); but can’t you see beyond what she wrote? It’s there, it’s the same seed we’re all capable of cultivating. DO IT! Live your life with love. Love what you will and deem it precious, share it, spread it. Our World needs desperately love and warm feelings. It truly needs that full-time instead just a festivity with empty traditions and hypocritical love.

I love you all!





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4 responses to “An open letter written with flaming passion!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    It has truly uplifted my spirit to feel her loving intention radiating to the world and to know that others are walking similar paths, worldly and otherworldly (though truly both are one).

    I too would love to know when her novel comes out!

    Sadly I did not grow up with the worlds of Tolkien. but with a favourite Mythology book (combining Greek, Norse and Celtic in 3 parts) with the enchanting illustrations of Alan Lee. It set a very magical and wondrous foundation to my outlook on the world, which was squished for a while when I entered the “real world”. I am currently forging my retreat as a weaver working with the magical alchemy of the plant kingdom.

    Saying it in a much less poetic way than has been said in the letter above, I resonate strongly with the concept that Tolkien was/is a messenger, wired to the more wonderful aspects of our potentiality as humans. He was certainly connected to something not immediately available to all of us.
    I also greatly appreciate your furthering of his contribution. Even without signing up to learn Quenya (yet), I see the depth of your passion and commitment to meaning (and therefore deeper beauty in my opinion), two disappearing things in this world. What more appropriate place to start restoring them than how we communicate with each other?

    Also “Faelins” is a term I have not heard before but instantly am rather fond of it, and seems appropriately distanced from the terms we have used in our half- remembered, diminutive mortal stories.

    Much love and gratitude to you both!

    • So nice and kind of you those words! Thank you for the appreciation shown above! It’s wonderful when things are all moved by love, isn’t it? 😀

  2. If she lets you know that her novel is finished, will you share the news? Would be very interesting to take a look at it…

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